After BJP walks out of PDP, Mehabooba Mufti resigns….President rule in JK??

Just hours after BJP withdrew support to PDP, the Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister Mehabooba Mufti has submitted her resignation to the governor. In a sudden development, the Chief Minister of JK has submitted her resignation and asked the Governor to relieve her from CM duties. The BJP earlier held a press conference and confirmed that they were coming out of the alliance.

The day when BJP decided to make an alliance with PDP in 2015, many of the party workers were not completely happy as the ideology of BJP and PDP were very different. But the common minimum understanding between the two parties made them join hands together. The BJP which come to power for the first time in JK, wanted to bring a positive change in the valley with their developmental programs and provide jobs to the youth who were being attracted towards terrorism. The other aspect was to minimize the terror infiltration and violence which was the single biggest problem in JK.

Although initially, the BJP took stringent action against the anti-National elements who were being supported by Pakistan and ISI, in the later stages, the compulsion of coalition made the party weak. PDP which has always been a terror sympathizer and supported the anti-National elements many times before started feeling the pressure with stringent action against terrorists. They started creating hurdles in every action which ultimately strained the alliance. Finally, after 4 years, BJP now decided to come out of the alliance and cut ties with PDP which is being welcomed by all supporters.

Since both the parties have now declared that they will not try to prove majority in the house, there are chances that the Governor would dissolve the government and implement President’s rule in the state. Given that Omar Abdullah has said he will not join hands with PDP, the only option the Governor has is to implement President’s rule.

What to expect in President’s rule?

If President’s rule is implemented in JK, the first step would be to give full powers to Indian army to bring the terror infiltration under control. The Army would go full-fledged attack against terrorists, hunting them from every nook and corner of the state. The other aspect will be to take firm action against the Rohingya Muslims who are being illegally settled in Jammu area by LeT and other terror organisation.

The army will also be treating the stone pelters as terrorists and would most likely take stringent action against them. It is very well known that these stone pelters have been protecting terrorists and providing them shelters in their homes. So, the army would not show any mercy towards these people who are also responsible for the lynching of many police and Army officers.

Looks like the Modi government has played a masterstroke just a year before the country goes to elections. We have to wait and watch how will Modi-Shah take it from here.

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