After BJP won elections, for the first time Tripura assembly plays National Anthem!

Just weeks after the BJP won a massive fight in the assembly elections, the new Chief Minister from BJP and the speaker made it a point to play National Anthem in the Tripura Assembly. It was for the first time ever in history that the Tripura Assembly stood for the National Anthem in decades.

The first session of the house commenced on Friday, and Speaker Rebati Mohan Das headed the assembly starting with the National Anthem informed TOI. As soon as the House assembled at 11 and Pro-tem speaker Ratan Chakraborty arrived to conduct the Speaker’s elections, the national anthem was played and all the ministers, members, officials, journalists and spectators stood up to show respect. Assembly Secretary Bamdeb Majumder said they will try to play the national anthem every day.

According to reports, it is said that the Tripura Assembly had never played National Anthem in decades and especially after the left parties came to power. It is said that the left parties had opposed the move and never entertained the practice of playing National Anthem in the assembly as many of its leaders were against it.

It can be well understood the intention and the ideology of the communist party which encourages Anti India slogans in the heart of the Capital but refuse to sing National Anthem of India. It is the students wing of communists party who had chanted Bharat Ki Barbaadi slogans and celebrated the Afzal Guru event in JNU. But Sitaram Yechury along with Rahul Gandhi and many other so-called secular group had visited them and showed solidarity with the students.

These same people are the ones who encourage Naxals and Maoist in the North Eastern region which has literally destroyed the development in the area. Keeping the people deprived of development and isolating them from rest of India is the main ploy that communists play in order to use innocent people for their dirty games. But the mandate of 2018 has shown the communists that their days are numbered and people are finally seeing the truth of pseudo-liberal talks.

Since the Modi government came to power, the biggest insecurity the Naxals and communists are facing is that the developmental projects which are being launched in North East. The educational institutes being started, the connectivity through roads and railways are one of the biggest success which have made people believe that the Modi government was fulfilling the promises. Jobs are being generated, they are getting equal opportunity in the state and people are now being brought to the main stream and the entire region is completely focused on development which has made the left parties worry about their future.  It is a matter of time that North East will play a crucial role in India’s development and will see prosperity very soon.

Even today, the left parties opposed the move to sing National Anthem in the state assembly calling it Hyper-Nationalism and the left leaders blamed the BJP for not consulting them before taking the decision to play National Anthem. Communist Party of India-Marxist legislator Badal Choudhury told IANS that the Assembly authorities did not consult the opposition on the issue. 

It is better these people understand that people do not need permission to sign National Anthem anytime, anywhere in the country and respecting the National Anthem is no way called hyper Nationalism.

Aishwarya S