After calling PM Modi “Namak Haram”, now the abusive MLA Jignesh Mevani asks PM Modi to hang himself

Congress ally Jignesh Mevani is once again spitting the venom. Once again he had attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He insulted Prime Minister Modi by asking him to hang himself.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi ally penned a tweet on twitter and asked Prime Minister Modi as he has worn Gandhi’s spectacles, Subhash Chandra Bose cap, put Sardar patel’s statue in similar way he should hang himself with a noose around his neck like Bhagat Singh.

Although he had not directly mentioned the name of Prime Minister anywhere in his tweet but this is clear from his tweet that whom he is referring to. This is not the first time Congress President’s ally has spoken evil words about the Prime Minister. Few days back only he has hurled abuse at PM Modi while addressing a rally organised by the Communist Party of India in Patna

In his 9 minutes long speech, Mevani has around six times referred to Prime Minister as “Namak Haram”. He questioned Prime Minister silence on issue of workers hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar being beaten up in Gujarat and commented that PM Modi has betrayed Gujarati’s maximum. He even referred to Prime Minister as “manufactured defective piece” which is sent from Gujarat to Delhi.Earlier this year, he had mocked the ‘surgical strikes’ conducted by Indian forces on Pakistan, terming the strike conducted by PM Modi on the country as more lethal.

“Modiji did a big Surgical Strike on the people with demonetisation and GST. He told the farmers of India that he would double their income; he has done a Surgical Strike on them. He promised jobs to 2 crore youth but didn’t provide, he has done a Surgical Strike on them. He has done a Surgical Strike on the media also by not implementing the Majithia commission report. Modiji’s Surgical Strike is dangerous because it’s on 1.25 billion people,” he had said.

He even once referred to PM Modi as “Boring Buddha” (boring old person) and asked him to leave politics and head towards Himalaya. “Indian politics should be handed over to youths like him”, he further said.
He had earlier also posted a picture of himself with a person dressed as Prime Minister Modi, where he was asking PM Modi look alike to ‘end his drama’ and give answers about the promises he had made regarding job opportunities

Not only he, even other Congress leaders also many times insulted Prime Minister by giving him different names like Chaiwala, Lohu-purush, neech, gutter worm, mad dog, impotent, Bhasmasur, monkey, Aurangzeb, mentally retarded, illiterate, Ravan, Yamraj and what not. Yesterday only the senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor insulted PM Modi by calling him a scorpion sitting on Shiva Linga which cannot be removed by hand nor can be beaten with chappal

Is this the love that Congress party is spreading? Is this the respect Congress President Rahul Gandhi has once boasted for that should be given to Prime Minister of nation? Anyhow how low Congress leaders fall; they are actually digging their own grave