After calling the Air Force Chief a LIAR, now the Congress warns Armed Forces to stay out of Rafale Deal

For playing politics the Congress has always stooped so low that it has insulted every supreme organizations of the country whether it be Election Commission, Apex court, CBI, ED Congress hasn’t spared anyone. Even the Congress insulted the forces of the nation who protects us day and night

Yesterday the senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily insulted the Indian Air Force (IAF) chief B. S Dhanao by calling him a liar when the Army Chief hailed the Supreme Court verdict on Rafale and how useful are Rafale jets for the Army

Speaking at a news briefing held at the Jodhpur airbase IAF Chief BS Dhanoa said the following in response to the question ‘Do you think there was a need for the Rafale’

“Who has said that we don’t need Rafale? We are saying we need it. The government is saying we need it. Supreme Court has given a good judgment and even inside it has said that the Air Force needs it, that it took so long for it to arrive. Our regional adversaries or neighbours, whatever you may call them, they have upgraded.” He added, “Even the Supreme Court has given a very fine judgment. Some very fine comments have been given by the Finance Minister and the Raksha Mantri.”

Congress leader Verappa Moily insulted the Army Chief upon his statements and said he is lying.”IAF Chief is not fine. He is lying and suppressing facts. He had visited HAL in Bangalore and considered it as a competent authority. Now for him to say that the deal is fine, I don’t know what to say” said former Union Minister Veerappa Moily

Not even the day has passed another prominent leader of Congress Party and former Union Home and Finance Minister P. Chidambaram jumped in and fired gun at the forces.In order to cover up the statement given by Verappa Moily Chidambaram attacked the government over the Rafale deal and issued a clarified as well as some advice to the force. The senior leader said “Nobody is accusing the Chief of the Air Force. In fact, my respectful request to the Army and Air Force and military officers is to please stay out of the debate.”

Chidambaram added, “We are not saying Rafale is a bad aircraft. After all, it’s the UPA government which contracted the Rafale aircraft. We’re saying Rafale is a good aircraft. We contracted to buy 126 aircraft demanded by the Indian Air Force. This government is buying only 36 aircraft.

Not only the senior leader told the forces to stay out of the matter but also advised IAF Chief that if he wants to say anything on the matter then he should ask why you are only buying 36 aircraft when our requirement is 126 aircraft. “That’s the question he should be asking.” said Chidambaram

The Congress on their part might have tried to justify the comments of senior leader Verrapa Moily but infact has insulted the army chief again by telling him to stay out of the matter and advising him on what he should ask and what he should not ask