After CBI arrested this journalist in Rs 100 crore fraud, 8 big Journalists are under the radar of CBI in ₹350 crore scam

On May 3rd, the CBI officials had arrested the Delhi-based journalist Upendra Rai for allegedly indulging in dubious financial transactions. In the FIR, the investigation agencies stated that Upendra Rai had received Rs 79 crore while Rs 78.51 crore was debited from it during the same period.

All these were the money were received from fraudulent acts and the amount was even used to buy a fleet of cars, claimed the officials. This journalist was even involved in bribing and fixing cases in the Income Tax department and for this he had received Rs 16, mentioned the FIR.

Few had even alleged Upendra Rai is Chidambaram’s benami petitioner. It was even claimed that his work had inclined in favor of the Congress party. The CBI officials had also traced more than ₹100 crore into Upendra Rai’s accounts and they also said that he had got access to the sensitive airport entry passes made by BCAS by furnishing false information.

The Supreme Court refuses to interfere with arrest of journalist Upendra Rai by CBI for alleged involvement in dubious financial transactions. Soon after this arrest, a news is out on the domain that 8 renowned journalists would be soon arrested in connection to Rs 3.5 billion worth scam. Now, it is interesting to see who will be arrested next?

  • After Upendra Rai arrest, 8 big Journalists cum Media Mafias are on radar of Govt in ₹350 cr Scam & who made huge properties. Action soon!

Why another case is filed against this journalist?

After 2 days of arrest of Upendra Rai–May 5th– a fresh case was filed against him for portraying himself as “power broker of the IT department and extorting Rs 15 crore from a Mumbai based real estate company.

The complainant Balvinder Singh Malhotra, one of the directors of Mumbai based M/s White Lion Real Estate Developers Pvt Ltd said that Upendra Rai had approached Kapil Wadhawan, a relative of the promoters of the company, in September 2017 and said that company related to White Lion would be raided by the Income tax officials.

The FIR states that “he then threatened that he had the potential to tarnish the image of the White Lion companies and promoters due to his media connections. Upendra Rai demanded huge amount of money to settle the issue with IT department and adverse media reporting. He claimed he had contacted in IT office, Scindia House, Mumbai. Succumbing to the pressure, a consultancy agreement had to be signed to work out an arrangement to pay the huge amount demanded. Thus, a consultancy agreement dated October 3, 2017 was prepared between M/s Upendra Rai and Associates and White Lion from October 1, 2017 till September 30, 2018.

Upendra Rai is a professional blackmailer!

The complainant from White Lion had also said “After making enquiries, we realised that Upendra Rai is a professional blackmailer and a tout in various government department, include IT. Thus we have discontinued the agreement but he continues to threaten us”.

Journalists like Upendra Rai must be behind the bar for ever so that India’s fourth pillar would be clean and free from blacmailers.

Hansika Raj