After CBI started to grill Christian Michel, here’s what nervous Robert Vadra started to say

Yesterday move of PM Modi and his Government has proved once again that for the betterment of nation PM Modi Government will go to any extent they have to but will not compromise at any cost and all those who will come in the way of PM Modi’s fight for corruption and betterment of nation will have to bear the consequences of their actions

Extradition of Augusta Westland scam middleman Christian Michel under the well planned operation of PM Modi & National Security Advisor (NSA) has sent shivers down the spine of all the corrupts. They are hustling and bustling here and there. Congress and its leaders have already started self defence theory by attacking PM Modi Government.

After Vijay Mallya pleading banks to take up loans, now nervous Robert Vadra has come up and started floating theory of political witch hunt against him over the summons he is getting from Enforcement Directorate (ED)

Taking to Facebook, Vadra wrote that although he is fully cooperating with the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection to Bikaner Land Case but still ED is continually harassing him. He attacked PM Modi Government on it and said it is all inspired by the political intentions behind it to hurt his dignity and reputation.

“The political witch-hunt carries on unceasingly with government departments clearly operating on an agenda to besmirch my dignity and reputation. I have cooperated fully with them for the last 4.5 years. I will continue to do so.
On the last occasion they summoned me for documents, my lawyer sat there for three hours and handed over an exhaustive set of documents, yet again. It is indeed strange that I was asked for the very same documents once again even though they had already been furnished over the last few years. In fact it is even stranger that I was sent another summons within 24 hours without the agency even perusing the latest set of 600 documents supplied to them.

My lawyer has been compelled to appear in Jaipur once more today (no surprise that this is just two days before the polling in Rajasthan). The authorities know perfectly well that there is no case to proceed against me. They merely want to create another media circus to distract the public. This is nothing but a politically motivated, malicious and baseless prosecution. The truth will prevail some day. It always does,” he said.

Very rightly said by the Congress son in law, “The truth will prevail some day. It always does,” Surely the time is not far when all the corrupts like you and yours in laws will face the heat for looting the nation and taxpayers money

With Christian Michel extradition, it is just the start. It is just the trailer of the movie, the movie is yet to be released very soon and all Congress party and its leaders are going to pay for the every bad deed done by them. The time of Congress is over now.

Source : Republic World



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