After claiming “Our Bishop did not rape”, now the Church says “Nun had an illicit relationship”! Will the nun get justice?

It has been over 2 months after the nun in Kerala had filed a case against the Franco Mulakkal, the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar, Punjab. Yet the nun is nowhere close to justice but has already been abused for standing up against the injustice done to her.

What is suspicious in this case was that the victim nun was questioned several times by the investigating police but the church father was questioned only once.

Declaring a war against the nun who sought justice, the church had earlier said “innocent Bishop is being crucified with baseless allegations. Our Bishop did not rape”.

The Missionaries of Jesus had even said that “Bishop raped her since 5th of May 2014, but even after the said date, the same nun had invited the Bishop to her family functions and the Bishop had also attended the said functions. Even after May 5 2014, the Sister had coordinated various programmes of the Bishop during his visit to Kerala and had also travelled with the Bishop”.

But now in another statement released, the church has said said that the nun has having an illegal relationship. The statement said “after investigation by Missionaries of Jesus, it was found that the nun was in a relationship with husband of another woman (the nun’s relative) who complained to Bishop Franco. He ordered an investigation into the same and now the nun is accusing the Bishop”.

Not just the nun, the Church slammed even the supporters of the victim nun saying “Kerala police is supporting the nun. That’s why such allegations are being levelled against the Bishop.The nun is spreading utter lies. If we don’t protest against this conspiracy, we will have to face the consequences from God”.

Why the Church and the lawmakers are abusing the victim nun?

When it was realized that they will not be granted justice if they don’t take bold steps, the nuns and few other organisations came out on streets supporting the nun who was allegedly raped by father Franco Mulakkal, several times.

But that’s when the nun had to face the abuses of even the elected representatives. MLA George had said “She is not a nun in my opinion, because she is not a virgin”. He even went on to say “Do you have any doubt that she is a prostitute? She enjoyed 12 times, suddenly it became rape on the 13th time? Why didn’t she complain when it happened 12 times? Where was she then? 12 times she did not say a word and suddenly complained now. There was no complaint when it happened the first time”.

Why the pseudo feminists are not supporting the nun?

The nun who is on a protest had also said that “They are arranging people to attack us and Bishop Franco is using his political power and money to get higher authorities of the investigation and the government to bury legal proceedings that I have filed against him”.

Yes, she clearly said that there is a threat to her live. Not just this, even her brother said that the church authorities are trying to settle the issues by allotting them a land of 10 acres. Yet, she has failed to garner the attention of the elite class pseudo feminists.

There is no candle light march by Rahul Gandhi and team who or else wait on their tip of their toe to link any incidents to PM Modi and corner the Modi government.

There is no petition asking to ensure justice to the nun. There are no series of reportage and articles by the pseudo liberal media.

At this point of time, the question that haunts us is, “Will the nun get justice?”

Hansika Raj


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