After Congress, its now AAP’s turn to mock common people! “Small accidents like this keep happening” says AAP MLA Sukhpal Khaira on Punjab train accident!

Just a day after Sighu’s wife made a brazen statement on Punjab train accident saying “we did not ask people to sit on tracks”, now it is the turn if AAP MLA to mock those people who lost their lives in the train accident.

AAP MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira mocked the people’s death claiming that several people die every day in several road mishaps in Punjab, this is a ‘small accident’ and these keep happening. He further said that this happens every other day across the country as “8-10 people of the same family are killed in a single accident”. Khaira said that suddenly this has become the “focus of attention” of the media and several others who have reached the spot and have been broadcasting the same massively. TimesNow Report

He further went on to say “As many as 5000 people die in road accident in Punjab per year. These small accidents like the one in Amritsar happen every day across the country.”

This person Sukhpal Khera is said to be a close aide of Arvind Kejriwal who had demanded answers from Congress on 1984 riots. But now the same person is making fun of the people who lost their lives in train accident.
The worst part is, he wants all media to stop publishing news on Punjab Train mishap and claimed that it was just to gain attention, media was fallen behind Punjab.
This sort of arrogant attitude is something our politicians can never get rid of as they believe they are not  answerable to anyone. When the outrage grows, they will as usual play the victim card saying their statement was twisted, misinterpreted and what not!

Only when they are maid to pay for their misdeeds will they learn to believe and value common people.

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