After facing several hurdles, Wasim Rizvi’s movie on ‘Ram Janmabhoomi’ will hit the theaters on March 29

The countdown to LokSabha Elections 2019 has started. All the parties have buckled up and are reaching out to voters by organizing back to back rallies.

This election season even some of the movies are going to hit the theatres which will help the voters to know about the life of politicians and will help them to understand many scenarios related to politics.One such movie is ‘Ram Ki Janambhoomi’ which has now got approval from the Censor Board and is all set to release on March 29.

The movie is directed by Sunoj Mishra and written & produced by Shia Waqf Board Uttar Pradesh President Wasim Rizvi. Waseem himself has also acted in the film. It is made under the banner of Cine Craft Production.
The movie portrays the events that have taken place during the Ram JanamBhoomi Movement in Ayodhya in 1992. It also highlights how the social evils like Triple Talak and Nikah Halala are still prevalent in our society and women are being exploited under the garb of it. The shooting of the movie has been done on the actual location.

Waseem believes that the film will hit all those hard who for their political benefits exploits the situation
It was not easy for the Shia Waqf Board Uttar Pradesh President Wasim Rizvi to release the movie. He has faced so many difficulties for the release of the movie.

FIR has been registered against the movie. Many religious groups objected to the release of the film. The High Court also adjourned the film to be certified by the sensor.He was also threatened by Abdul Memon, brother of Tiger Memon who was a prime suspect in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case.

But finally now it has been accepted by sensor board and is going to release on March 29. Wasim has also already initiated the construction of the Ram temple on the disputed land.