After getting caught on camera saying “Kill them mercilessly”, now Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy says “It’s not a big issue”

Here comes a shocking rather inhuman justification from the Chief Minister of Karnataka after the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) filed a complaint with the State Human Rights commission against his controversial statement a day back. Here’s what CM H.D Kumaraswamy justified (a valid answer according to him):

“It’s not a big issue. In that kind of situation any human being will react like that. I have already clarified it. That’s why I changed the word also.”

According to the complaint by the civil liberties group, such emotional oral order is ‘uncalled for and a clear violation’. Directions of this nature would put pressure on the police to go beyond the law. “It is a scary development. Such act is illegal, will dilute the spirit of the Constitution,” the complaint read.

His actions welcomed unending queries from the media personnel who badly wanted to know what actually happened and what made him give such orders of killing a life. But as the CM had no valid justification on his part he yet again called himself ‘an emotional man’ as he had done it before. Being emotional does not turn you to be a killer does it? Especially when you are in such a high position and thousands of people relying on you!

“I am a very emotional person. Any trouble to people in the state I will be available for everybody. The issue is over, according to me. That’s why, I told instead of encounter, you please smoke them. That is my final word,” said the CM speaking to reporters.

It was a day before, HD Kumaraswamy was caught on camera talking to someone (seemingly a police officer) issuing orders to kill the people, who assassinated JD(S) leader Prakash, in a ‘shootout’. What orders he gave on the phone was quite clear enough for everyone to know and hear:

“He was a good man. I’m hurt because he has been murdered. There were three murders that took place in the past. I’m disappointed. Who are your inspectors? Where was the circle inspector? He was murdered in the middle of a road. I don’t know how your handling it. It is your duty. I’m very disappointed. He was a very good man. If needed shoot him. Don’t spare such criminals. I don’t care about such people. Kill them (assailants) mercilessly in a shootout, no problem”.

The Karnataka CM’s comments also left its alliance partner, Congress, red faced and no form of justification came from the Congress leaders regarding the same. As the two parties in Karnataka have unwillingly formed the Government with a clear intention to beat BJP in the state, a little blunder from any one among them can harm the alliance and cause a major threat during the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

Something very important to be recalled at this moment, many major heads among the Congress party have tried and pointed out the merciless encounters of goons by the BJP heads at several occasions calling it as inhuman. The state is now keen to know, what do the Congress analysts have to say about the comments from their self elected CM? Would this be termed as inhuman? Or are we supposed to consider him as a ” extra sensitive- emotional man”??

Source: Republic World


“Shoot the assailants mercilessly” said Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy while being emotional on murder of his party’s leader Prakash