After giving communal colour to Junaid’s lynching, do you know what Rajdeep Sardesai said on the death of West Bengal BJP worker?

The young man who had thousands of dreams in his eyes, saw an untimely death. Leaving a bag full of mysteries and fears, the young soul is not even being allowed to rest in piece. Yes, I’m speaking of the BJP worker who was found dead hanging in West Bengal’s Purulia district.

After a young boy who was also a contributor for BJP’s spectacular performance in West Bengal Pachayat elections was killed by unknown hands, another young man named Dulal Kumar was found hanging days ago in Purulia district of West Bengal. Soon the West Bengal police said that it was a case of suicide but this report was slammed not just by the West Bengal BJP but also by the family of Dulal Kumar.

The father of Dulal Kumar had said that “we are sure that he did not commit suicide, he was killed by TMC workers”. Even the BJP reiterated it as a “political murder”.

Father of Dulal Kumar

However the mysterious death of Dulal Kumar wasn’t successful in gaining the attention of the journalists who think that death Hindus and BJP workers is not an issue that must secure chance for a prime time debate.

While Mamata Banerjee’s close aide and the Rajya Sabha member Derek O’ Brien made an utterly insensitive statement and made an attempt to put the blame on BJP and Bajrang Dal. “We strongly condemn this despicable killing. All angles must be probed. The perpetrators of this heinous act must be punished. What role did Jharkhand border have to play? What elements of Bajrang Dal, Maoist or BJP involved. Let the truth be found out through proper investigation,” he said.

Here comes the big statement from Rajdeep Sardesai!

Do you remember of the campaigns called “Not In My Name” where hundreds of journalists tagged India as intolerant for the minorities? You might even remember one of the statements of journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. He had said “Junaid’s father to India Today: Please don’t insult my son’s memory by saying he was killed because of a train seat dispute”, on Twitter.

During the “Not In My Name” drama, even Rajdeep’s wife had said “Lets reclaim the nation, reclaim Hinduism from the violent bigots, above all reclaim our rights as citizens!”

But do you know what they have said after the death of Dulal Kumar in West Bengal, which is a TMC ruled state?

Trying to project that the BJP is politicizing the death, Rajdeep Sardesai said “Post mortem of BJP worker found hanging in Bengal says suicide. Now what does that suggest given the outrage over the last few days?”. What is the next twist? A man dies and the politics begins even before the post mortem!”

When any similar incidents happened in the BJP ruled states, forget the police, Rajdeep Sardesai even suspected the Supreme Court.  But now when a BJP worker dies, this man has immense faith in the West Bengal police.

But a man responded to him saying “Wouldn’t be so hasty Rajdeep; the police have misjudged many times”.

This apt reply from an Indian angered Rajdeep Sardesai as he went on to drag the Kathua incident and even the natural death of Justice just to push BJP supporters on the social media on their back foot. He said “Haven’t been hasty, just reported the news coming from Bengal ! By the way, should we then trust Maharashtra police on Loya, J and K police on Kathua, UP police on Unnao? Who do we trust and who do we not? Or does politics decide our views on crime and policing?”.

Even Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife Sagarika Ghose said “BJP worker found hanging in Purulia committed suicide” attaching a news link.

But the Indians were really fed up with these journalists who always tweet supporting a particular political party. Sagarika Ghose had held PM Modi responsible for the death of Rohit Vemulaeven though it was a suicide. So a Twiterati said,

  • So did Vemula, If Modi was accountable for Vemula Mamta should be accountable for his death.

Is it true that Sagarika Ghose wasn’t hurt as the victim was not from a particular community?

  • His name is not Akhlaq and Junaid. So no issue at all. Presstitutes new version.

Indians haven’t forgotten how Sagarika Ghose had made certain attempts to tarnish the Holi festival saying that a balloon filed with semen were thrown at a college going girl by the Hindus. Later the forensic investigations proved that it was a fake claim!

  • Balloon didn’t have semen, Junaid was not killed because he carried beef.

Indians even slammed the hypocrisy of Rajdeep Sardesai by saying,

  • He didn’t wait for inquiry in Kathua rape, Junaid, Gauri Lankesh, Akhlaq, 2002 etc, unleashed his political agenda wasting no time and now teaching morality over Bengal BJP workers’ hangings. Rajdeep Sardesai, tumse bada wala nahi dekha aaj tak.

Yet another classic reply by a Twitterati!

  • This is the reason why you are the most hated journalist in the country? So easily you have accepted that its a suicide. Had it been a BJP ruled state you were going to have a lot more reasons to show that its a murder.

The pattern of hanging suggests that it was a suicide but Rajdeep Sardesai isn’t having any suspicions on the death!

  • The pattern of hanging didn’t seem to be a suicide. Moreover both the families have told that their boys were in good mental health and never in depression. Now the only reason for the report to be a suicide seems to be forced by Mamata Banerjee.

The man who questioned the Supreme Court is now trusting the West Bengal police!

  • Very nice. So while you trust the local police without any questions you will question even the Supreme Court in another case. Very objective reporting. ?(Slow claps)

Politics on the death of Indians!

  • Mr Rajdeep Sardesai said that we shouldn’t play politics over dead bodies in Bengal. The freelance sketch artist in me has drawn this sketch of his (face is digitised). RT if u feel I’ve done justice to his statement.

The whole group od pseduo Indians had put Hindus to shame after the death of Junaid in a train. But the Punjab and Haryana High Court during a hearing granting bail to one of the accused, Rameshwar Dass made an observation that “The initial dispute between the parties was only regarding the seat sharing and abuses in the name of castes and nothing more.”.

The court added “I am therefore, convinced having looked at the statement of Yudhister, Mahender and FIR and even the disclosure statement of the present petitioner that except attributing him the abuses in the name of castes or giving slaps in the first round, it cannot be said there was any allegation about the petitioner asking Naresh or any other boy to assault the other group including the deceased. There is no even remote whisper that the petitioner had instigated or asked anybody to make assault”.

Few journalists are a blot on journalism as they make selective outrage, hide facts, keen on showing India in a bad light and always target the right wingers of the nation. If this kind of pathetic system should be uprooted then a revolution must occur in Indian journalism.

Hansika Raj