After insulting PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath, actor Prakash Raj has moved a step ahead! Do you know what he said to the wife of BJP’s MLA candidate?

Actor Prakash Raj seems to have taken his villain role that he portrays in the film industry quite seriously, even in his real life. After insulting PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath, actor Prakash Raj who is acting like the unofficial spokesperson of the Congress party has moved one step further in spewing venom against the BJP.

This time, he has abused the wife of Mr Vedavyas Kamath who is BJP’s MLA candidate of Mangalore South. As this is the election season in Karnataka, it so happened that the wife of Vedavyas Kamath urged the voters of the constituency to vote for BJP MLA candidates in the state. She even urged the voters to elect the BJP even in central. She also threw light on the dozens of assassinations of the RSS workers that had happened in Karnataka in the past few years.

This was enough to provoke Prakash Raj as he once again went on to act like the unofficial spokesperson of the Congress party. He said “Look at a BJP candidates wife begging for votes on the basis of a religion in mangalore south /karnataka … shame on ur communal politics. Is this your “Sabki saath sabka Vikas” under his infamous hashtag “justasking”.

The above tweet itself says that Prakash Raj got too personal in a bid to express his political hate towards BJP. There is not even an iota of hate or misinformation in the statements made by Mr Vedavyas’s wife.

This shallow gimmick of Prakash Raj was slammed by every sensible Indian. Motivational speaker and mentor of “Yuva Brigade” Mr Chakravarty Sulibele ripped apart him with the hashtag “Just Answering”. Mr Chakravarty said,

  • “Dear Prakash Raj, what’s wrong in her words? Mr Siddaramaiah in his five years used all tricks to destroy Hindus. He supported PFI who killed Hindu karyakartas; he instigated Lingayats for separate religion. Definitely to save the Dharma this CM must exit!

What is even more hilarious is that soon after Prakash Raj was slammed, the first thing he did was to block Mr Chakravarty. “Three images explains everything! #JustAsking blocked me for #JustAnswering “ mocked Chakravarthy Sulibele.

Prakash Raj needs to answer these questions!

  • Is it wrong in asking votes in the name of Hindutva, Mr Prakash Raj?
  • Congress turns on its communal mode during elections. How many times have you questioned them Mr Prakash Raj?
  • 24 Hindus were killed in Karnataka since 2013. Is it wrong asking the people not to vote the politicians who had supported the murderers of Hindus?
  • You have openly accepted that your trust had received funds for Mohammad Nalapad, who is presently in jail for beating a youth to almost death, a couple of months ago. If you have an iota of self-respect, why don’t you attack the Congress government that has given ticket to N A Haris from Shanthinagar constituency, who is the father of infamous Mohammad Nalapad?

The brave lady didn’t beg, but spoke the truth Mr Prakash Raj!

  • She is not begging, she is asking for the rights of Hindus. When the government which was supposed to protect Hindus, it backed out. The only way left is – ‘a Hindu must be supported by Hindus only. Candle light protest is only for non-Hindus in India.

Mr Prakash Raj, why aren’t you questioning Mr Siddaramaiah and other Congress leaders who begged votes in the name of religion?

  • What Congress did for all 70 years? Asked Muslims and Christians to vote for Congress. So ask Nehru, Indira, Rajeev, Sonia and Rahul why they started this “religion based vote bank”? You are complaining now as it went to disadvantage Congress. Hypocrites.

Hansika Raj