After killing Army soldier Aurangzeb and editor Bukhari, terrorists now want to target the Amarnath Yatra to cause maximum damage!

While the Indian government gave a chance to terrorists and their criminal supporters to change themselves in the month of Ramzan atlest, they seem to have learnt no lessons and once again proved they understand the language of bullets only.

Yesterday in a merciless act, the terrorists in Kashmir abducted an Indian army jawan Aurangzeb and killed him brutally. Just because this man served in the Indian Army, the terrorist felt he was going against Islam and have murdered him. But their brutality just did not stop there and have also killed the editor of newspaper “Rising Kashmir” Shujaat Bukhari. Mr Bukhari was infact a sympathizer of militants and spoke in the voice of the Azadi gang seeking removal of AFSPA in Kashmir. But seems like the terrorists were desperate to kill anyone and everyone for which Bukhari and Aurangzeb became victims.

But now these terrorists want to make a powerful attack on Amarnath Yatra which is going to start from June 28 and cause maximum damage to pilgrims. This report was submitted to the Home Ministry as the Ramazan ends on Friday-Saturday and the government was thinking to end the cease fire imposed for a month now. The Indian army was very keen that they are given free hand and restrictions are not imposed in order to bring the violence under control. MHA sources said the intelligence also suggests that the terrorists are planning a different sort of modus operandi to take security forces by surprise. Use of improvised explosive devise (IED) to blow apart pilgrims or security personnel is also feared as one of the instruments to spread terror during the Amarnath Yatra, said a ministry officer to Economic Times.

This is not the first time that terrorists have targeted the Amarnath Yatra, but every year the pilgrims face massive threat during their travel in Kashmir.According to top sources, the ministry was following wait and watch as they do not want to reveal their plans immediately. It is said that many in the RSS and BJP wanted the cease fire to end and the army to take stringent action against terrorists.

Already many people feel that Home Ministry made a mistake by implementing cease fire during Ramzan as terror attacks usually go up during the festive season. Home Minister Rajnath Singh attracted huge criticism for risking the lives of many Jawans who were attacked this month. The people are no longer patient enough to give more chances to the terrorists and stone pelters as they have seen their tricks from almost 30 years and nothing seems to have changed.

The only agenda of terrorists is to severe the state of Jammu Kashmir from India and Islamize the entire state. So, it is worthless to talk to these people or give them chance up on chance to correct themselves. They are nothing but blood thirsty monsters who do not mind butchering anyone for their mindless agenda. Giving long rope to Stone pelters and terrorists will only lead to more violence and deaths of our soldiers and will benefit the country in no means.

It is better the Home Minister realises the fact and stop trying to appeal the criminals who do not understand any language other than bullets!

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