After losing elections, Congress now wants to enter Government through back doors!

Looks like Congress has crossed all limits and shame to get power. They do not care if people’s mandate is demolished, they do not care if they have to overrule constitution. The Karnataka elections has shown how dirty the Congress politics can get and to what extent they can stoop.

The Karnataka elections showed doors to Congress and Siddaramaiah who was engulfed with arrogance and attitude. He faced a humiliating defeat in his home turf of Chamundeshwari, but won with a very low margin in Badami against Sriramulu. But now the party which was unable to even cross 100 seats, is planning to enter into government through back doors.

The Congress even before the elections results are declared made attempts to meet the governor and claimed the support of JDS. It is said that few Congress members have spoken to JDS leader DeveGowda and he has agreed to support them. But the entire plot looks like a failed attempt by the Congress to misguide people claiming they have support.

But the governor gave a stern warning to Congress to restrain themselves and he will not invite anyone until the elections results are declared. The Congress seems to have done a big blunder again, but their shameless attitude doesn’t stop them from blaming BJP. After Governor rejected to talk to them, they blamed the BJP government and quoted the example of Manipur and Goa where BJP had formed government despite not getting absolute majority.

But what Congress forgot is, BJP approached governor only after Congress failed to gain support from any party and the regional parties extended support to BJP all by themselves. But here the Congress has gone too early even before elections are declared and this is the reason why Governor has sent them back.  The Congress which was saying that there was no question of alliance with JDS, has now gone to the doors of JDS without shame. They have gone to the extent of offering CM post to Kumaraswamy which shows how desperate they have turned out to be.

But seems like BJP is planning a counter strategy as they have emerged as single largest party and according to constitution, they will have to be invited first to form government. Amid all the developments, Rahul Gandhi who was behind media bytes and attention during campaign has suddenly disappeared and left the party is sham. Since the day campaigning got over, it is said he has taken off to other country for holidays (Not confirmed). But such actions are definitely not a surprise given his past history and record.

The bottom line is Congress has been rejected by the people of Karnataka and they will have to accept this and correct their conduct and functioning. If not, the Congress party will get disintegrated in another few years.

Power Punch