After maligning Lord Ram, left liberals turn their guns against Lord Chamundeshwari and Dusshera, glorify demon Mahishasur!

It is a well known fact that the entire pseudo liberal lobby are on the mission to twist and turn the facts of Hinduism by propagating false news against the religion. Whether they are being paid to do so, or they hatred towards Hindu religion and culture has made them do it, is something only they can answer.

Few years back, there was an orchestrated campaign against Lord Ram where in the left lobby spread a fake narrative that demon Ravan was killed by Lord Ram because he was a dalit. They projected Ravan as a hero and called him the saviour of humanity. Their target was specifically the Hindu community and especially the Brahmin section. They wanted to project the Brahmin community as inhumane which is why they came up with this false narrative.

But in reality, Ravan was no dalit but a Brahmin himself. He was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva who had impressed him with his unparalled devotion. Ravan was the master of Vedas, music, Sanskrit, literature and a great artists too, but due to the curse by few saints in his previous life he and his brother took rebirth as demons. They were none other than the guards of Lord Vishnu (Lord Ram in Treta yug) who were well known as Jay and Vijay.

So, there was absolutely no question of Ravan being a dalit which made Lord Ram kill him. This was a international conspiracy brewed in order to divide Hindus and make the dalit community believe that they were ill treated.

Now, seems like the same gang is active again just before the elections and are planning to divide the society in the name of caste and religion. The so called writer in Karnataka Bhagwan has again spooked a controversy saying that the demon Mahishasura was not an evil man but a Buddhist who was character assassinated because he did not belong to upper caste.

Writer Bhagvan while addressing the media in Mysuru which is gearing up for grand Dusshera celebrations said, priests during the reign of Jayachamaraja Wadiyar in 1950 may have misled the latter and made him believe that Mahishasura was a demon king. “If one thinks in a pragmatic manner, there can be no possibilities in deriving the name of Mysuru from the demon king. In reality, he had strove for the welfare of all irrespective of caste and creed and also was a follower of Bhagwan Buddha. In this wake, it is suspected to be the role of vested interests who misled the then maharaja in this regard,” he said.

Not just that, the existing lessons in history being taught at schools and colleges are replete with unfounded facts, he said adding “if measures are taken to translate the available history on Mahisha, Buddha and also Emperor Ashoka from pali script, more light could be shed on their lives”.

This is one of the most ridiculous arguments by the pseudo liberal lobby which was supported by Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi.

This attempt to spread fake narrative on Mahishasur is another attempt to disrupt the Dusshera celebration which is one of the biggest festivals for Hindus. The 10 day Dusshera is marked as a period of win of good over bad and the end of the demon era when Lord Chamundeshwari kills the demon Mahishasura.

But these semi illiterates who work for fake international organisation which are aiming to divide India want to falsely project that Mahishasura was not a demon but a Buddhist follower and twist the entire history.

It is a well known story that Lord Chamundeshwari was one of the avatars of Lord Parvati who kills Mahishasur. Since then, the festival of Lord Chamundeshwari is being celebrated throughout the country which is described in different names. Of the 10 days, each day is dedicated to Lord Parvati who is worshiped in different forms and the last day is the Durga pooja, the avatar in which she kills the demon.

But these pseudo liberals now want to call the entire belief on Lord Chamundeshwari false. They indirectly are planning to attack Dusshera and break the tradition with their fake stories. This sort of false narratives must be countered and those people who speak nonsense and hurt the sentiments of Hindus should be brought to books.

This is a clear attempt to break the society in the name of caste and divide the Hindu vote which would ultimately help the pseudo secular parties in the elections. No wonder such events are supported by Congress which has the blood of Hate Hindus in them.

Rahul Gandhi who makes fake Temple run during elections, should answer and make his stand clear if he is against Dusshera celebrations in the country. Then let people know his real face!

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