After massive outrage, Amazon India deletes tweet promoting Swara Bhasker who insulted India after Kathua incident!

Once again the social media has shown what impact can it make in society. Just few days back after the Kathua rape issue became National news, the entire Bollywood and pseudo-liberals who remained mum during many rape incidents in the country suddenly became very active. Although there are many conspiracy surrounding the rape issue of Kathua, the pseudo-liberals utilized it very well to malign India at the international level.

We saw many Bollywood celebrities who had earlier said it was better to get raped than to die were now speaking against rape just to help their political masters score a political mileage out of it. One such person is Swara Bhaskar who had spoken against Jauhar (Self Immolation performed by Rajput Queens to avoid rape by Mughals) and claimed sex slavery was better than dying was now found to be giving lectures about Rape.

This lady went to the extent of maligning India saying that she was ashamed to be called Hindustani and made a claim without proof that the rape took place in a Devi-Sthan temple in Jammu. This was nothing but a hypocrisy because this same person had supported stalking ladies by men calling it crazy love and said it was an expression of unapologetic celebration of crazy love.


So, when she indulged in selective outrage about Kathua Rape case, people in the social media exposed her hypocrisy and questioned her previous tweets. Just few days after this incident, the Amazon India selected her as their ambassador to promote one of their campaigns, this sent a rude shock to all Nationalist who opposed Swara Bhasker speaking against India and degrading the country as rape hub.

Immediately a social media campaign was started by many activists boycotting the Amazon for opting her as their ambassador for their promotional event. Within a day, Amazon received negative feedbacks with people refusing to buy products from their E-commerce site and uninstalling their app on smart phone. This came as a massive blow to Amazon India which then deleted the tweet supporting Swara Bhasker.

The tag #BoycottAmazon trended through out India which literally forced Amazon India to take a back step on their decision to promote Swara Bhasker.

Take a look at the way social media activists attacked Amazon India

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