After meeting the terrorist who wants to divide India, now Congress leader Sidhu mocks Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh and hails Rahul Gandhi

In India we have a minister who has the habit of praising the chameleon leaders of enemy nation while abusing the honest leaders of our own country. It is none other than senior Congress leader and minister in Punjab Mr Navjot Singh Sindhu.

This minister who is seen spending more time in Pakistan instead of India has committed a series of blunders. After hugging Pakistan Army General Bajwa and having closed door meeting with terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s close aide, now Sidhu has mocked his own chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh saying Mr Singh is not his captain but Rahul Gandhi is.

Here’s what he said on 30th November insulting the chief minister of Punjab:

  • Mera captain Rahul Gandhi hai. Ussi ne toh bheja hai har jagah. Kya baat kar rahe ho yaar? Kaun se captain ke baare me baat kar rahe ho yaar? Oh, Captain Amarinder Singh ji ki? Woh toh Army ke captain hain bhai. Mera captain Rahul Gandhi saab hain aur unke bhi Captain Rahul Gandhi hain. Humaare captain woh hain. Captain saab ke captain Rahul Gandhi aur mere Captain bhi Rahul Gandhi.

Translation: My captain is Rahul Gandhi. He sent me everywhere. What are you talking about? Which captain are you talking about? Oh, Captain Amarinder Singh ji? He’s a Captain in the Army my brother. My captain is Rahul Gandhi sir and even his (Captain Amarinder Singh’s) captain is Rahul Gandhi. He is our captain. Captain Sir’s captain and my captain is Rahul Gandhi.

Prior to this, sources said that Navjot Singh Sidhu had held a closed door meeting with Gopal Singh Chawla, who openly says “Pakistan Zindabad, Hindustan Murdabad”. Note that Chawla is also a close aide of terrorist Hafiz Saeed, who carried out the Mumbai attack in 2008 and killed over 170 Indians.

The pro-Khalisthani terrorist Gopal Singh Chawla himself had posted a picture with Sidhu on Facebook. While Sidhu was cornered regarding this meet, he tried to get away saying “20,000 people click photographs with me, then how will I understand who is Chawla, Pratima, Cheema or Seema? How can I have a meeting with a person whom I don’t know, I never met? Just like the thousand other people, he also came and clicked a photo with me. How would I know who is he? I went to the foreign land, now it is their protocol to make me sit according to their arrangement”.

Hansika Raj