After Modi government’s tight slap, this pro-terrorist Canadian PM makes a u-turn! Here’s how he batted for “A United India”

The tone and behavior of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who came to India on a six-day visit, suddenly seem to be changing. Even if you do not say it suddenly, there is no doubt that this changing nature indicates that he has realized that India and Indians are not happy with his support to the Khalistani terrorists.

He is expressing it without words. India is believed to patronize those who believe in promoting India’s integrity. India will respect those who work for the betterment and not those who support terrorism and destruction. The Prime Minister of Canada had clearly stated that he did not want to meet the Chief Minister of Punjab and would not discuss anything about the Khalistan Movement and Canada’s growing terrorist groups.

He realized the consequence of his reply the minute he stepped on the Indian soil. He realized that hurting the integrity of India and Indians will not be tolerated. PM Modi each time welcomes a guest coming from the Allies or the big nations of the West or sends an important Cabinet Minister, but this time, any of such did not happen.
Not only this, India has not sent anyone to receive Trudeau, except for the Minister of State for Agriculture, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Then on the Taj Mahal visit by the Prime Minister of Canada and his family the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi did not welcome him because he had insulted the Indian Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, who is from the Congress party, but CM Yogi made it clear that nation comes first and not any party.

Modi has broken protocols in the past to receive guests personally, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in January. But the Indian prime minister, who famously hugs his guests, has not even tweeted welcoming Trudeau in a move being seen as a “snub” to the Canadian leader.

Sections of the Indian media praised Modi for his “firmness” and for being “impressively tough”. The right-wing ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), however, denies any disrespect to the visiting leader.

The Prime Minister of Canada was in the full hope during his visit to the Gujarat state that Prime Minister Modi would take good care of him but his hopes were in vein and he felt disappointed yet again. Generally, all those leaders who have made a visit to Ahmedabad, PM Modi has escorted them.

But this time Prime Minister Trudeau had to travel alone to Sabarmati, the Indian Prime Minister responded well to his unacceptable approach with the Chief Minister of his country. The impact of the magic of PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath was so deep it happened that Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau has now agreed that he will meet Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and not only meet him but also discuss about the Khalistan issue with him.

“I think part of Canada’s strengths is that we recognize that diversity is strength and a wide range of opinions and views are an important part of the success of Canada. We, of course, reject violence and hate speech or hateful speech, but at the same time, I can reassure everyone that my position, that Canada’s position has not changed. We support one united India,” Trudeau was quoted as having said in a reply to a query from a Canadian journalist in Mumbai.

Probed further, Trudeau said in French that Canada will continue to speak clearly and strongly about Canadian values and about Canada’s position on a united India. “We will repeat it in every conversation that we have and that’s pretty much all we can continue to do. Canada has been unequivocal, both myself, all my ministers, our government on a policy of one united India. We have, we have been very strong on that and we’ll continue to be,” said Trudeau.

It reflects the strong performance of the leadership of the Modi government and is a big diplomatic victory for the Modi government. If we look into history, when Congress government was Nehru’s slave, he openly requested the permission of the Visa for an elected Chief Minister of the Indian state and according to the recommendation of the Indian government, Modi Ji was not granted with US and UK visa. This is the difference between the Modi government and the Congress. The politics of the party should be internal, but when it comes to national issues, the Chief Ministers of India should be respected, and this is the attitude of the present leadership and the government.

Source: https://postcardhindi.com/justin-trudeau-got-scared-by-modi-govt-changed-his-word-said-we-support-united-india/

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