After NIA busts major ISIS terror module, Army seizes huge cache of arms in Jammu Kashmir’s Kathua!

Just 3 days back, the NIA busted a major ISIS terror module planned to attack major cities and RSS headquarters in Delhi and Nagpur. The NIA had detained 10 people, including a group leader of a newly traced Islamic State module. The people included professors, students and professionals including a women were found to be working for ISIS.

The accused and suspects were engaged in following occupations: Moulvi (emir), Civil Engineering student from Amity University in Noida, BA III yr student, auto-rickshaw driver, welding shop owner, garments business. Arrested terror suspect Zubair is a DU student. He was pursuing BA 3rd year. Anas is an Amity student, sources said. The module was active since 3-4 months and as it developed, agencies got inputs about the same. The suspects held from Delhi were identified as Zubair, Azam, Anas, and Zaid.

Suspects had formed an outfit and pledged allegiance to Islamic State.The suspects were said to have been following the movements of RSS heads and wanted to carry out terror attacks on RSS headquarters.

Now, the army has busted another terror attack and seized huge amount of arms in Jammu Kashmir’s Kathua region. According to reports, The Army had averted a major terror attack with the seizure of a huge cache of arms and ammunition in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir. The ammunition included, Two AK assault rifles, a hand grenade, four magazines with 256 rounds and 59 rounds of sniper ammunition were seized during a joint operation by the Army and local police in the Billawar block early Saturday, a defence spokesman said.

He said the security forces conducted the operation after receiving inputs from military intelligence and “this recovery has averted a major terrorists strike planned in the Jammu region.

Defence sources said the arms and ammunition were wrapped in a polythene bag and dumped in an isolated area in a village for later use.

As the elections are nearing, seems like there is being an attempt made by terrorists to bring fear in the minds of people. The extreme hatred against RSS and BJP has even made them to plot terror attacks against them.
Terror attacks were plotted against Narendra Modi even during the 2014 election camapign which proved that the terrorists wanted to create fear in the minds of people.

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