After Pakistan drags in RSS at United Nations, this is how RSS exposed the Hypocrisy of the Terrorist Nation!

RSS chose to hit back at Pakistan or did Pakistan itself give an open invitation to pelt stones at it? It’s been just a day after, Saad Warraich, Pakistan’s representative to UN, chose to point out at RSS and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and alleged that there was no room for dissent in “illiberal India of today”.

In a right attack RSS has hit back at the enemy nation saying that “Pakistan has neither emerged as a good son nor a good neighbour”.

“Before 1947 there was no Pakistan in the world. Pakistan has neither emerged as a good son nor a good neighbour. Pakistan is a Curse, it did not even respect the ceasefire during Ramzan. The image of Pakistan has been seen as a violent nation and Pakistan’s value based on abhorrent”, Indresh Kumar said.

Adding on to his point further, he insisted that all ‘Indian parties should come together and criticize Pakistan’ for its atrocities on India. “But there is another problem that political party in India especially Congress like parties don’t criticize Pakistan openly .. all party should unitedly slam Pakistan.Indian armed forces are eligible to safeguard our nation and borders”.

Well, this point is not applicable to some of the Opposition parties in India who come forward and openly support the enemy nation and its Anti-Indian ideologies. But this union is a must in order to put down the attitude of Pakistan. The ultimate fact is that most of the Indians are Seculars and contain a Anti-Indian agenda in their minds. Saad Warraich accused the RSS, BJP’s ideological mentor, of supporting the spread of fascism through its centres.

“The breeding ground of terrorism in our region is the RSS centres of Fascism. The claims of religious superiority are perpetrated through straight patronage all across India,” the Pakistan envoy said. He also added that the face of the largest Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was an unabashed Hindu extremist who openly advocated religious superiority of Hindus.

“Members of India’s minorities, including Christians and Muslims, are publically lynched at the hands of Hindus elites, where an unabashed Hindu extremist Yogi Adityanath, who openly supports the superiority of the Hindus, serves as the face of the largest Indian state Uttar Pradesh,” Warraich said.

Its been witnessed by the world, the series of atrocities followed by Pakistan against India. Pakistan also has bagged the tag of a country that breeds Terrorism! It is definitely not right on the part of such a country to blame RSS and BJP following the path of Peace. The hand of Friendship withdrawn by India now seems to be the right decision made by Indian counterparts.

Source: Republic World