After politicizing Air Strike, now Rahul Gandhi lies on Ordinance factory set up in Amethi! But Smriti Irani shoots his lies

Yesterday Prime Minister Modi visited Amethi, once the turf of Congress President Rahul Gandhi to launch a manufacturing unit for AK-203 rifles. But asusual Congress President can’t see the development happening and started laying allegations on Prime Minister Modi

The Congress President accused Prime Minister Modi of lying and said he was the one who have laid the foundation stone of the ordinance factory in Amethi

He tweeted “I laid the foundation stone of the ordnance factory in Amethi in 2010. For many years it has produced small arms. Yesterday you went to Amethi and as is your habit, you lied again. Have you no shame,”
But it didn’t took too long for Union Minister Smriti Irani, the opposite Contender of Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Amethi to bust the lies of Congress President

Slamming Congress President the lady minister said Rahul Ji “You are so afraid of development in Amethi that you didn’t bother to see that yesterday a joint venture was launched at Korva. This is a joint venture between India and Russia to produce AK 203 rifles”.

Busting his second lie on laying the foundation stone in 2010 she said “Have a closer look at this image, you inaugurated the project in 2007 but you claimed to have inaugurated it in 2010. Now you clarify whether it is 2007 or 2010? You lie, therefore, you tend to make such mistakes Rahul Ji. You don’t even remember when you laid the foundation stone and when you ruined the constituency”.

She also tweeted a photo of an institution whose foundation was laid by a Congress leader two decades, but later on, the Congress re-inaugurated the same project.

In 2014 LokSabha Elections, Congress President Rahul Gandhi faced a tough fight from Smriti Irani where he had to literally cross his fingers. Rahul Gandhi won just over 4 lakh votes, and got 46.71 % vote share in 2014. Smriti Irani came a close second, winning over 3 lakh seats with a vote share of 34.38%. And after that the situation has turned much worse for Congress President

His constant neglect of the district since 15 years has made people realise that Rahul Gandhi’s promises were nothing but election gimmicks. While Smriti Irani has visited Amethi many times since 2014 even though she lost the elections Rahul Gandhi has hardly visited his constituency.

Smriti Irani has already won the heart of people by taking care of the constituency even after losing. Nobody can save Congress President now. This time Congress President is surely going to face the wrath of people of the constituency.