After praising Aadhaar and Swachh Bharat mission, now the tech giant Bill Gates praises the historic Ayushmaan Bharat Yojana

The historic scheme of India gets praised by the second richest man on earth, Mr Bill Gates. In just first 100 days of Ayushman Bharat (or popularly known as Modi care) benefited 6,85,000 Indians who availed free health care.

This achievement managed to grab the eye-balls of Bill Gates who said “Congratulations to the Indian government on the first 100 days of National Health Authority (NHA). It’s great to see how many people have been reached by the program so far”.

The Ayushman Bharat will benefit nearly 50 crore Indians and it will be extended to every Indian in the upcoming days. Because of this scheme, no poor will die due to lack of proper medical care.

In 2017 he had also praised the Swachh Bharat mission of PM Modi and stated “The leadership of Narendra Modi and the Indian government has played an important role in improving sanitation. Now is the time to build on the success of Swachh Bharat”.

PM Modi has not even completed a full term but the entire world has been awe struck by the speed in which schemes are executed by the Modi government. It should be noted that Mr Gates, who co-chairs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, had congratulated the Modi government for the efforts made in reducing malnutrition and sanitation-related woes in the country.

The vocal support of Bill Gates has embarrassed Congress party several times. We all know how the Congress party was misleading the Indians on the Aadhaar scheme. But the lies of the Congress party was punctured by Bill Gates who said that the benefits of that (basic ID — Aadhaar) are very high.

He had further praised Aadhaar scheme by saying “Yes, countries should adopt that approach because the quality of governance has a lot to do with how quickly countries are able to grow their economy and empower their people”.

Hansika Raj


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