After Rafale setback another shock for Congress party! CBI reveals Christian Michel’s father was Indira Gandhi’s ‘friend’ and was very close to Gandhi family

In a stunning twist in Augusta Westland Chopper scam involving the Christian Michel (middleman of the scam extradited to India from Dubai) the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has revealed that the father of Christian Michel Wolfgang Michel was close acquaintance of Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He knew Indira Gandhi very well and was very close to the Gandhi family

The investigative agency made these remarks in Michel’s remand copy submitted to the court, citing Michel’s statement. According to reports “Christian’s father Wolfgang Michel, was a consultant of Westland Helicopters to Government of India in the 1970s. The probe agency informed the court that Christian claimed that his father had told him that he used to meet the Gandhis, a fact that was also told to Christian by people close to his father. “His father knew late Indira Gandhi since 1970s and was very close to Gandhi family,” read the remand document.

The CBI document also referred to an incident that took place in the Indian Parliament in 1982-83 when a question was raised in Parliament regarding the identity of ‘Mr Wolfgang Michel”. At that time the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is said to have replied that she “considered him as a friend of India”.

It is alleged earlier also that the Gandhi family is involved in receiving kickbacks in the Augusta West land Chopper scam, one of the biggest scams. The revelation by the CBI about the closeness of Christian Michel’s father Wolfgang Michel was former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has put more weight age to these allegations.
Even the Congress party’s act of sending their national incharge of legal wing department for defending the Christian Michel is another sign of party’s involvement in the scam.

From the day Christian Michel has been extradited to India the party is in shocked state and the Congress President Rahul Gandhi didn’t even uttered a word on such huge success of PM Modi Government although otherwise he keeps shouting on PM Modi Government for not taking actions against the offenders and letting them run from the nation.

Congress party very well know that if Michel will spill the beans over the deal then many names of Indian politicians who received kickbacks in order to sway the deal for the procurement of 12 VVIP choppers in favour of Augusta West land will be revealed

However Congress can try how much hard but the time is not far now when the name of all corrupts will be revealed and action against them will be taken by the Modi Government.

Meanwhile, for solving the case faster the CBI in its remand petition filed in the court has said that it needed Michael in custodial remand so as to ascertain role of foreign accused persons and their contact persons in India as well as to him with the voluminous incriminating documents received from Italy and Switzerland. They also need Michel to determine names and roles of the serving IAF and other public servants who may have dealt with the procurement process of VVIP helicopters and shared classified information with him

Christian Michel had been the consultant of Augusta Westland and before that he was the consultant for Westland helicopters Ltd long before the merger of the two companies, CBI said. Michel “was instrumental in avoiding the single vendor situation in collusion with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Indian Air Force (IAF) officials”

Source :Times Now


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