After reading this shocking information, a question has raised, “Who’s funding Anna Hazare’s rally in Delhi?”

Seven years ago when anti-corruption campaigner Anna Hazare launched his indefinite hunger strike in Delhi, demanding Lokpal, it took, not just the national capital, but the entire nation by storm. Crowds of thousands flocked every day to Jantar Mantar to be a part and witness the protest under the banner of India against Corruption.

Now, seven years down the line, Hazare is back in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, once again with an indefinite hunger strike demanding Lokpal. But unlike his previous strike, he stands alone and lonely. Well, he has only himself to blame. He was blind to the fact that Kejriwal and Bedi capitalized on his success.

The cameo players during ‘Anna’ Hazare’s 2011 campaign against corruption have now become leaders contesting elections, and the main man is nowhere in the picture. Aam Aadmi Party founder Arvind Kejriwal does not mention Hazare in his speeches.

Anna Hazare blaming PM Modi for low headcount at Ramlila Maidan. Blame Modi for any & everything in the World. When PM Modi invited all for Lokpal Meet to work over Lokpal Selection Committee, it was Congress that boycotted it. Will Anna ji ask why Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge didn’t attend Lokpal Meet?

This time, Hazare’s agitation is over not just the Jan Lokpal but also on farmers’ issues. Recently, Hazare blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Centre for failing to appoint a Lokpal and fulfilling its promises to farmers. “This will be a satyagrah for Jan Lokpal, farmers’ issues, and poll reforms. At least 1.2 million (12 lakh) farmers have committed suicide in the past 22 years. I want to know the number of industrialists who committed suicide during this period,” Hazare said.

The venue of his protest will be the same iconic Ram Lila Maidan, where he sat on a hunger strike in 2011 demanding that the then Congress-led government set up a Lokpal to investigate cases of corruption. Hazare has been pressing for setting up of the Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayuktas in states, besides the implementation of the Swaminathan Commission report, which suggested ways to address the agrarian distress plaguing the country.

As per reports, renting Ramlila Maidan for a day costs 50,000 rupees, add to that the cost of that massive carpeted pandal and the food and travel expenses of the rented crowd. This dial-a-Dharna thing is certainly not cheap. Question is, who is paying? Congress?

You mean it’s not the same people who were paying for all of this the last time round? Very generous of INCIndia to have borne all the expenses of the man who effective brought down their Govt in 2014. Kind of hypocritical to cry now when the guns are aimed at your masters.

Literally very generous of the Congress party and its madam Sonia Gandhi if they are funding this strike by Anna Hazare. Ofcourse Congress  party and its dynasty family is known for its generosity, isn’t it? its quite well known for its loot of public funds from the past 70 years and funding for such events since ages.

Time for him to realise that people no longer believe that he is a genuine reincarnation of the Mahatma. Besides the gift of AK was too much for the people to bear.

Anna should understand that during UPA his agitation got exposed and now it was exposed before the elections could start. Puppet of NGO’s those who suddenly arise and awake just before the elections. These tactics and tantrums have nothing to do with Lokpal. Its personal money gain exercises which he playing. NGO money is just lost as bad bet.

Source: Indiatimes.com