After Rehana Fatima, Mary Sweety, Kavitha koshy, now Trupti Desai wants to enter Sabarimala!

15 days back, it was Rehana Fatima, Mary Sweety, Kavitha koshy who tried to enter Sabarimala temple which created huge chaos making many devotees literally cry and beg them not to break traditions. But the ladies who did not show least respect to the Hindu Gods tried all their best to insult the traditions which turned the Sabarimala temple into a fortress.

It was also said that Rehana Fatima even carried a used sanitary napkin and intended to throw on the Deity. But the leftist liberals plan was not fulfilled as the real devotees sent them back. But now Trupti Desai, who is known for maligning Hindu temples and spread misinformation about Hindu tradition wants to enter Sabarimala temple.

Trupti Desai wrote an email to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan sought security as she fears an attack on her life during her visit to the hill shrine.

“We will not return to Maharashtra without darshan at the Sabarimala temple,” she said, adding, “We have faith in the government that it will provide security for us.”

“It is the responsibility of the state government and the police to provide protection and take us to the temple as the Supreme Court has allowed women of all ages to offer prayers at the shrine,” she added.

The Chief Minister’s Office said they had received the e-mail and it has been sent to the officials concerned. Meanwhile, Rahul Easwar, president of the Ayyappa Dharma Sena, which is among the organisations protesting against the entry of women of all ages into the shrine, said Ayyappa devotees would resist through “Gandhian means”, any attempt by Desai and her group to trek the holy shrine and offer prayers. “We will lie down on the floor. We will protest and at all costs prevent them from offering prayers at the shrine”, he said.

Looks like the entire pseudo liberal gang are now hell bent to break the tradition and want to hurt millions of Hindu sentiments and ultimately stop people coming to Sabarimala.

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