After saying “RSS people killed Gandhiji”, this is how Rahul Gandhi pleaded in court to save himself from going to jail!

The defamation case filed by an RSS worker in the year 2014, against the Congress President who had in a speech allegedly claimed that the RSS was responsible for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi today pleaded that he is not guilty in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) defamation case at Bhiwandi court in Maharashtra. The court framed charges against the Congress President and even allowed a summons trial to take place in connection with the matter.

Congress policy to drag this case beyond 2019, hence Rahul Gandhi is now free to abuse RSS and PM Modi and the BJP party. Since he does not have any accusations on this government nor he has any vision for his party for any future governance as he has no hopes of being the Prime Minister as well.

Charges framed against Rahul Gandhi by Bhiwandi court under S.499 & 500 of IPC in defamation case against RSS

“The RSS people had killed (Mahatma) Gandhi,” the Congress President had reportedly said at an election rally. Today Rahul Gandhi appeared before the Bhiwandi court at 11 am, where the judge read out the charges and said, “You defamed complainant’s organisation that is RSS and said that RSS ke logon ne goli maariaur Sardar Patel ne likha hai (RSS worker fired the short and Sardar Patel had written that). The reputation of complainant and organisation was harmed… do you plead guilty?”

“I plead not guilty,” Rahul Gandhi told the court.

With his admission of non-guilt, the Congress President now stands to face trial in the court in connection with the case. Charges against Gandhi have been framed sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code.

RSS should take it to a logical conclusion. Even if they lose the case, it will attract lot of debate by MSM media in support of their Prince. In the bargain, gullible ‘majority’ will come to know lots of ‘facts’ about Gandhi and his dynasty family. This president of Congress will land in jail sooner the date imagined by us. He thinks he is a great leader and can talk whatever he wants and blame accusations against the RSS and the present Government ruling India. He is blabbering what his useless speech writers are training him.

Rahul Gandhi by asserting he is ‘not guilty’ in accusing RSS org for Gandhi assassination is just playing with fire. He has undermined the court and commissions. He is acting as unwise dynast.

Source: Timesnow news