After senior Congress leader’s phone number found in naxal’s letter, now more links of Congress party with the Maoists stuns India

Congress romanticized Naxals!

The Congress party is bleeding after the arrest of five urban Naxals. When the Congress supported and spoke in favour of the urban Naxals, the world didn’t actually get the motives of the Congress party. But now, with every passing day of investigation, the Congress is pushing itself into troubles, due to its past deeds.

Days ago there was a news break that the Naxals had links with the senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh. This was revealed after a letter written by the Naxals that had mentioned the mobile number of Digvijay Singh and stated that it was of their friend’s.

The report even said that the top comrades of CPI (Maoist) urban leadership had several meetings with two Congress leaders. Maoists were also in constant touch with a few Congress leaders between November 2017 to May 2018. The police even suspected that at times these leaders also used proxy mobile numbers for confidential conversations.

But now a fresh evidence has emerged that suggests the Congress party had saved and helped the urban naxals several times in the past:

Incident 1:

In the year 2001, the Maoists had kidnapped the District Collector of Orissa’s Maoist-hit Malkangiri, Mr  R.V. Krishna along with a junior engineer. After kidnapping, the Naxals sent a letter demanding the withdrawal of Central forces from the district, halt to anti-Naxal operations and release of all red rebels lodged in jails.

Yes, they demanded the release of 8 Maoists and one of them who was released was a lady named A Padma. This lady was earlier arrested by the Orissa police. Now let us talk about her deep rooted Naxal link.

She was the wife of India’s top most Maoist Akilraj Hargopal a.k.a Ramkrishna. What is even shocking is that she was employed by the Congress party.

Harsha Mandhar, the top most member of NAC and a close aide of Sonia Gandhi was running an orphanage named “Aman Vedika” and the in-charge of this orphanage was none other than the deadly Maoist A Padma.

For those who don’t know NAC, The National Advisory Council (NAC) of India was an advisory body set up by the first United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government to advise the Prime Minister of India. Sonia Gandhi served as its Chairperson for much of the tenure of the UPA.

Incident 2:

In 2010, Dr Binayak Sen was convicted on sedition charges and let me remind you that it was during the Congress-led UPA government’s tenure this conviction had taken place. In simple terms, he was convicted for being anti-national.

But this convicted Maoist was appointed in the Planning Commission, the steering committee on health drafting their 12th five-year plan. Hence proved that the Congress party even allowed the Naxals in decision taking process.

Incident 3:

Mahesh Raut, a top Naxal operative was arrested on June this year in connection with the Bhima Koregaon violence by the Pune police. But if you hear the link between Congress party and this Naxal, you will be shocked.

Yes, this Maoist named Mahesh Raut was arrested and sent to jail several times. In 2013 when the Congress party was ruling both in centre and Maharashtra state, Mahesh Raut was arrested.

But when this man was arrested, the then minister in Dr Manmohan Singh’s cabinet, Mr Jairam Ramesh wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr Prithviraj Chauhan demanding to release the Naxal.

Shocking but true. This Naxal was even the then Prime Minister Rural Development (PMRD) Fellow.

Till date, it was assumed that the Maoists’ plan was to eliminate the Modi government using deadly weapons. But now its proved that the Congress party had supported these Naxals in every possible manner.

Now its the duty of the Modi government to order for a detailed inquiry on this issue. Its not political but a need of the nation. We Indians don’t need the pseudo leaders who helped the Maoists in the past.

Hansika Raj