After slamming Rahul Gandhi’s desire to become India’s Prime Minister, RJD spokesperson now mocks his hug in the parliament, only to get expelled from the party!

Standards of Democracy stoops down in Lalu Yadav rule!! The Rashtriya Janata Dal expelled its national spokesperson Shankar Charan Tripathi from the party for criticizing the Congress president Rahul Gandhi for hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi!!

Tripathi had reportedly said that Rahul’s act was childish. While he said that Rahul’s speech was good, he reportedly said that his hug for the Prime Minister and later his wink washed away his speech. He added that such an act was unexpected from a person who considers himself a prime ministerial candidate in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Shankar Charan Tripathi expelled from RJD for criticizing Rahul Gandhi hugging PM Modi. Now that shows where the opposition stands and who they want to please.

While speaking to Republic, Tripathi said;“This kind of behaviour is not expected inside the Parliament from a senior Parliamentarian (Rahul Gandhi).”

Right after his remarks, Tripathi was served a show-cause notice and when he failed to respond to it, he was expelled from the party. So does this mean anyone and everyone who talks against the Grand old party will be expelled from his/her position?? Or does it mean that support for PM Modi will not be tolerated?

Not much for the surprise of the nation, RJD leader and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son Tejashwi Yadav put his weight behind Congress President Rahul Gandhi praising him for “fantastic speech” and also his ‘wink’. And here’s what he said to his dear friend:

Oh that wink my friend! Hit them hard where it hurts..Congratulations for unearthing their mines of lies & a fantastic speech

After witnessing the incident in Lok Sabha, PM Narendra Modi while addressing a Kisan Kalyan Rally in Shahjahanpur, called Rahul Gandhi’s gesture as ‘unwanted hug’. “We asked the reasons for their no confidence, but when they failed to give it they ended up giving an unwanted hug,” Modi said, referring to Gandhi’s embrace in Lok Sabha.

A few days earlier, Rahul Gandhi was sharply criticized for his reported remarks that “Congress is a Muslim party”, and now Rahul makes a statement that, “Prime Minister Modi, BJP and …have taught me what it means to be a Congress person, the meaning of being a real Indian, and what it means to be a real Hindu. For this, I thank them.” Congress had always kept-up with its double standards and this flip of tongue can only be the talent of Dynasty family and none other politician.

Source: Republic World

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