After Smriti Irani questions Congress mobile app stealing personal data of people, Rahul Gandhi deletes the App immediately!

Looks like there is no end to Rahul Gandhi’s plight exposing himself.  3 days back it was in Sringeri, yesterday it was in Mysore and now it is about Congress app which has made Rahul Gandhi bend his head in shame.

Seems like all plans of Rahul Gandhi are working against him and his own party rather than exposing BJP. In order to divert the attention from NCC embarrassment, Rahul Gandhi spread a fake news that NCC cadets were forced to download Narendra Modi App which was being used to read the personal details of candidates. This charge of his was an attempt to deviate from the issue where he hit a self goal saying he had no idea about NCC which made Rahul Gandhi look very ignorant and foolish.

So, Rahul Gandhi tried to change the narrative saying that Narendra Modi App was spying on people and PM Modi had access to personal data of those people who downloaded the app. But what Rahul Gandhi forgot to notice is, Narendra Modi app has never made personal data a mandatory section in order to register NaMo App where the android App of the Congress party has not used secured feature of HTTPS and uses HTTP in which all the personal information can be easily accessed by a third party.

In the Congress app, they have specifically mentioned that the despite security measures, the personal data cam be accessed by a third party user.

Not just that, the Congress itself has accepted that in order to make the website efficient, the users information will be shared to vendors, consultants and other service providers or volunteers who are associated with the Congress party. They have also clearly stated that they will use the information of those people whose cause, belief, principles, objectives and political viewpoints are similar to that of Congress party.

This is a clear case of stealing personal information and exactly how Cambridge Analytica works. Congress which was caught hiring Cambridge Analytic which used people’s personal information to change their psychological  political preference was using this same data through Facebook, Congress app and similar websites. It is also found that the server used by the Congress party is based in Singapore and the company has full access to all the data of the users.

The big question here is why did Rahul Gandhi gave the access to a foreign company for their party app?!

Smriti Irani exposed this issue on Twitter which made the Congress jittery and Rahul Gandhi has immediately ordered to take down the Android App which was being used to access personal Information.

Take A look!

Just within minutes after expose, the Congress has deleted the app available on Google Play claiming that it was inactive for 5 months and they did not use the app.

There own Congress member Shehzad Poonawala called the act of Congress mischief and questioned them why did they delete the app if there was nothing wrong. This has again caused huge embarrassment to Rahul Gandhi who is just not able to digest the fact that all his efforts to attack PM Modi are only exposing him more and more.

Aishwarya S