After Sonia Gandhi said, Indira Gandhi did balatkar of India, this picture of a man touching the feet of Sonia Gandhi angered crores of Indians! Do you know why?

What kind of party Congress is? And what kind of leaders are they having? Or I should say “slaves”, not leaders. How can these slaves dream of ruling the nation when they don’t have their own dignity or self-respect. What they can do for nation who themselves are tied in the chains?

Day before yesterday the incident happened at Congress Plenary Meet when the cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu bowed in front of Sonia Gandhi has shocked every person and raised a question in their mind how can anyone stoop such low. How the person changes his colour so suddenly?

The same Sidhu who once used to slam the Congress government, today is roaming front and back of the leaders of Congress. He himself confessed that Sonia and Manmohan Singh has given nothing to the nation. And they people are looting the country from long ago. He has disgraced Congress to such an extent that he once taunted Congress “Congress to Munni se bhi jyada badnaam hai” and today he bowed on the feet of the same lady that has destroyed the nation. What a shame Mr Sidhu? What could be more disgusting than this?

Sidhu, who had often targeted former Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh over his reluctance to speak out on issues, also apologised to the former Prime Minister. He said “I want to apologise to Sardar Manmohan Singh and that too bowing down (before Singh). Sardar Manmohan Singh, your silence has done what the BJP’s uproar could not. I realised this after 10 years, sir” He even praised  Rahul Gandhi and said Rahul Gandhi is set to unfurl the tricolour from the ramparts of the Red Fort after becoming the country’s Prime Minister post the 2019 general election.

16 years of international cricket, 51 tests, 136 ODIs, 4 crucial half-centuries in 1987 WC,10 years of ruling Amritsar All went in gutter within a single moment. Sidhu has not even made fun of himself but of humanity. Today the person famous for his saying” thoko taali” had made everyone realize that he never deserves any appraisal for any of his saying. Many people who respected Sidhu today are hanging their head in shame.

Mardaangi of Navjot Sidhu while in BJP has become Hijrapanthi after his ghar wapsi. By doing this Navjot Singh Sidhu has slapped the pride of  Punjabi leaders and also the whole Sikh Community. He forgets the Singh genocide done by the Gandhi family and bowed down to the killer of so many Sikh people. Rajiv Gandhi was laughing when Sikhs were being butchered when brethrens of Navjot Singh Sidhu were being butchered.  Sidhu has no concern for the killings of his brethrens but is busy in bootlicking the queen of Congress. What could be more shameful than this?

Leave aside political parties this incident of Sidhu has raised questions on his character as a being. Is Sidhu steeping such low and forgetting his ethics just for political mileage?  How much a man can fall for the hunger of power and post. He just decided to switch side in the hope of getting a bigger post in INC. Really a tight slap on humanity !!!!