After spreading fake news on Indian Army, CPI’s Kavita Krishnan does it again using an image from 2013

Fake news grows in all types of soil and weather conditions but during the time of elections, the growth of the fake news is rapid. This time the staunch Modi hater Kavita Krishnan has done the work of spreading the fake news by portraying the Indians authorities in a bad light.

On October 2nd, Kavita Krishnan tweeted with the caption,

  • Look at the farmer with a brick in his hand, facing a cop with a gun. If you don’t think the farmer is a terrorist – and I hope you don’t – if you empathise with his anger, I hope you’ll think again before you call a Kashmiri kid with a stone in his hand a terrorist.

When more research was done on the topic, it was found that the image was not of recent one but was of 2013. The Indian Express had published an article titled “Tense Meerut erupts, six hurt in clash with police at banned mahapanchayat” on 30 September, 2013.

And the article said “Days after the Muzaffarnagar riots, tension returned to the region once again on Sunday as villagers clashed with police forces at the venue of a mahapanchayat that had been banned by the administration in neighbouring Meerut district”.

Here’s the link of the article: Tense Meerut erupts, six hurt in clash with police at banned mahapanchayat

This makes it clear that Kavita Krishnan used the image from 2013, just to whitewash the crimes of the stone pelters.

After being called out, Kavita Krishnan didn’t apologize but gave a spin to her fake news:

Trying to cover up her blunder of misrepresenting the image from 2013, Kavita Krishnan shamelessly defended her act as she said,

  • I’m informed that this pic below isn’t from the Kisan Yatra but from 2013 Jat Mahapanchayat in Meerut.
    My point stands however – that the man with a brick in the pic hasn’t been demonized as a terrorist and likewise a Kashmiri kid with a stone in his hand shouldn’t be either.

It is also evident how she is white washing the crimes of the stone pelters who are the B-team of the terrorists who want to destabilize and destroy India.


Hansika Raj