After the abrogation of Article 370, Modi Govt is ready to implement another game-changing move! Know what it is

Till now the nation is struggling with the mess created by the grand old party of nation, Congress. There is no such area/ sector where you will not find the wrongdoings of the party for the sake of their political/ personal benefits

But, as it is said after every dark night, a new morning welcomes you. Lucky are we, ho have got this new morning and ray of hope in the form of  PM Narendra Modi and his Government. Since the time PM Modi Government has come to power, it is trying its best to take the nation towards the path of glory by correcting all the wrongdoings

After the abrogation of Article 370, another game-changing move with which PM Modi Government is now ready is the digitalization of the next census and preparation of the National Population Register (NPR). Currently, India is following a decennial census exercise, started by the British Government in 1881, but this time, under the leadership of Home Minister Amit Shah the census will follow its own Indian style. It will not be on paper and will be completely digitilized and the Government has assigned Rs 12,000 crore for preparation of National Population Register. Home Minister Amit Shah has said “A mobile app will be used in Census 2021. It will be a transformation from paper census to digital census.”

Aadhar data will be used to prepare NPR, for which UIDAI, has already given access. The NPR will collate demographic data from census and biometric data from Aadhar to prepare a comprehensive identity database. “It will include 15 categories of demographic information and Aadhar number of those who are willing to provide during NPR updation. Collection of biometrics is not been provided under Citizenship Rules,” said an official.

The NPR Data will be used to club all other forms of identification like Aadhar, PAN, Driving License, and Electoral Identity Card. Home Minister Amit Shah said, “Why can’t we have just one card for all utilities like Aadhaar, passport, bank account, driving license and voter card. There should be a system where all data should be put together in a single card. This is potential. That is why the digital census is very important.”

National Population Register along with Aadhar, Bank, Mobile, and almost all records will come in one single platform. It will serve as a game-changer for the nation. It will help the Government to maintain the biometric and demographic profile of every person in the country under a centralized database which will help the government to improve administration, and efficient delivery of public services.

The NPR would be similar to the Social Security Number (SSN) of the United States, which helps the US government in taxation, delivery of social security and many other purposes.

PM Narendra Modi is all set to change the complete working style of Government by 2024. By 2021, the Government will also be ready with Citizenship Bill in collaboration with the Central Policy of NRC; On the other hand, a strict and sound National Population Policy will be created. This whole structural reform will change Bharat completely.