After this, we won’t need soldiers to stand Guard at Borders! Astonished? Yes, this is true says Modi Govt

Indians don’t deny the fact that the soldiers who guard the nation in the borders –especially at the Indo-Pak borders– are no less than superheroes. Even though these superheroes safeguard the Indians 24*7, they have to toil hard due to extreme weather conditions. But hereafter this wont be the case as the Indian borders will be free of soldiers.

Shocked? Yes, this is the truth as the Indian government is all set to replace the soldiers with technological solutions in border security. You heard it right. A comprehensive integrated border management system will be implemented by the government to strengthen border security and a pilot project under the system was launched in Jammu, said a report.

While addressing the BSF jawans, home minister Rajnath Singh said “We want that such technological solutions be used where there is fencing because it gets damaged after some time. This will ensure a complete border security. We are going to implement this too this will take time but our jawans will not have the need to stand guard constantly round-the-clock on the border for protection”.

Revealing that this new technology will be monitored by the soldiers as a command and control centre would be set up, the home minister said “They will get to know if any intruder is entering into India and the nearest border outpost will be alerted by the command and control centre and security will be ensured”.

It should be noted that the role of the BSF Jawans cannot be ignored. The BSF is considered as the first line of defence and time and again the BSF jawan have proved their mettle. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Pakistani terrorists and soldiers are jittery mainly because of the daring BSF jawans.

The BSF jawans have sacrificed a lot for the sake of Indians and that’s why the naxal activities are gradually coming to and end. The BSF have also played a major role changing the terrorism effected areas in India.

Speaking on serving the motherland, home minister Rajnath Singh said “You have a feeling of national respect which inspires you. It was the feeling which had inspired Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and Khudiram Bose to fight for the freedom of the country”.

On the second anniversary of the Surgical Strike against Pakistan, Rajnath Singh had hinted that another strike against Pakistan had taken place saying “You must be aware of what they did with our BSF jawan…something big has happened. I won’t reveal now. Trust me, something big happened 2-3 days ago. Action will continue in future also”.

Source: News 18

Hansika Raj