After Tippu Jayanthi, Karnataka government plans to celebrate Bahmani Sultan Jayanthi? do you know who these people are!

4 years back when Congress came to power in Karnataka, they decided to celebrate Tippu Sultan Jayanthi sparked up huge controversy. There was massive opposition from every part of Karnataka demanding the state government to stop glorifying a man who was responsible for the death of lakhs of Hindus.

But despite opposition, the Siddaramaiah government went ahead and celebrated the Tippu Jayanthi in Mysore which lead to serious violence in the region and killed 3 people in the communal clash. The Hindu groups were attacked by violent mob with stones and sticks that disrupted peace in the entire Madikeri and Mysore region. Tippu Sultan is said to be a very ruthless King who had ordered the killing of Lakhs of Hindus of Madikeri, Melkote Brahmins for refusing to convert to Islam. Even today the people of Melkote do not celebrate Diwali as a mark of protest and sorrow for the death of their family members.

But seems like the Karnataka government hasn’t learnt any lessons, and are now said to be planning to celebrate Bahmani Sultan Jayanthi.

Do you know who are these Bahmani Sultans?

Bahmani Sultanate were the rulers of the Deccan region of South India. Their period started at 1347by Turkic general Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah. They were originally Turkish rulers and wanted to spread Islam in the regions of South India. It was during the time of 1500, when the Vijayanagar Empire in South India was at the zenith of success and glory, the Bahmani Sultans planned to attack Vijayanagar. They wanted to occupy the vast empire which had extensive wealth, rich culture and traditions. But the then Vijayanagar ruler, Sri Krishnadevaraya had defeated Bahmani sultans and prevented them from spreading their territory in the South.

But the Sultans were very fond of wealth and riches of the Vijayanagar and wanted to occupy the region, for which they tied up with Portuguese and planned to backstab Krishnadevaraya. But they failed miserably with all their attempts as Krishnadevaraya and his minister were geniuses in dismantling enemy strategies. However, after the death of Krishnadevaraya, the Bahmani Sultans got an opportunity to attack Vijayanagar empire. Ramaraya who was ruling Vijayanagar could not withstand the combined attack of all Muslim Kings and Portuguese and was defeated in the battle.

The Bahmani sultans who were hard core Islamists wanted to covert the entire south India to Islam. They forcibly converted hundreds of people to Islam and most people who refused to convert were killed. According to literature, over 5 Lakh Hindus were said to have been killed by Bahmani Sultans after the downfall of Vijayanagar empire.

The sad part is the hatred of Bahmani Sultans against Hindus were so much that they literally destroyed every temple, palace and every house in Vijayanagar. They brought down the entire city of Hampi to ground. The Vijayanagar empire which was referred to as the Golden age of India, turned into a graveyard within months after Bahmani Sultans occupied.

The architectural marvels of the great empire like Vijaya Vittala temple, musical pillar temple, Ramaswamy Temple, Kamala Bhavan were all destroyed in the attack. The statues of the Hindu Gods were mutilated beyond recognition. The Ugra Narasimha which was one of the famous carved structure was chopped into pieces. The Vijayanagar palace which is said to have been built in sandalwood was torched by the Muslim rulers as a revenge against Krishnadevaraya. The extent of destruction was so brutal that Hampi is said to have burnt for months and people literally cried for days on streets looking at the fall of the place which was once called heaven. Thousands of people fled the place in fear of getting killed or getting converted. The entire city of Hampi was abandoned within days after Bahmani Sultan took over. The period of Vijayanagar destruction is marked as the saddest event in the history of India.

Years after the Vijayanagar Kingdom was destroyed it is said Chattrapati Shivaji visited Hampi and was shocked to see the magnitude of deconstruction. He had promised to himself that he would bring back the glory of Vijayanagar and had put massive efforts to revive the temples of Vijayanagar. However, his efforts were only partially fulfilled as the city was repeatedly attacked by foreign invaders who did not allow the city to regain back to its glory.  Today the great Vijayanagar Empire is called “Hallu Hampi” in Kannada, which means Destroyed Hampi.”

Take a look at these sad pictures which tell you the brutality of Bahmani Kings!

Image result for Hampi destroyed

Destroyed Gopura of Temple

Image result for Hampi destroyed

Destroyed Krishna Temple

Image result for Hampi destroyed


Chopped Ugra Narsimha

Related image

Related image

Entire City of Hampi destroyed

Image result for Hampi destroyed

Ruins of palace

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Disfigured Ganesha

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Now, tell us whether we should celebrate those people who destroyed the history of India, those who destroyed the rich cultural tradition of our country? those who destroyed our temples, our Gods, our city and our homes? Should we glorify the murderers who killed our people? Should we feel happy for the present condition of Hampi??

Will people of America allow the celebration of Osama bin Laden, Will the Jews allow the celebration of Hitler’s birthday? If they feel the pain of the people, then don’t we feel the pain of our people? Shouldn’t we feel ashamed that we allow such people to be glorified? Should we call this love for country, love for India?

Should we allow these political parties to glorify murderers just to gain few extra votes or appease some community? Let people decide whether we Indians are so insensitive, so ignorant that we do not care for our History, do not care for those who defended our country from foreign invaders. We allowed Tippu Jayanathi, so now they have extended their brazenness to celebrate Bahmani Sultan, next may be they will ask us to celebrate Aurangzeb, Taimur or even Ajmal Kasab or Afzal Guru for votes!

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