After Trilochan Mahato, another BJP worker brutally killed in West Bengal! Now where is the candle light protest from Rahul Gandhi and team?

West Bengal, once the leader in many industries has been completely devastated under the rule of Congress, CPM and TMC  Governments. When TMC Government came into power, people had some hope that the situation in the state would chang but under the regime of Mamta Banerjee, the state delved into more worst condition and turned into a hell. Violence continues unabated in the state. Elections  are being rigged, BJP workers are being killed, crimes against women arealso increased. In short the democracy has been totally murdered in the state.

The law and order situation under the Trinmool Congress (TMC) government has completely collapsed in West Bengal. This was also recently observed in Panchayat elections where the entire electoral system was turned upside down. BJP candidates weren’t allowed to file nominations and those who managed to do so were threatened by TMC and were asked to withdraw. The people who didn’t withdraw were attacked. They were threatened, raped and killed on the streets. The ballot boxes were stolen, were found in a pond, mass rigging, booth capture and every henious act was done that would shame democracy .A complete destruction of the democratic process was carried out in the state

In yet  another shocking incident shaming democracy in West Bengal, a second BJP worker has been found dead in West Bengal’s Purulia. Twenty-Eight-year-old Dulal Kumar, who was the party’s OBC Morcha vice president has been found hanging from an electric pole in Dabha village of Purulia’s Balarampur.

The worker had allegedly gone missing on Friday night and was found hanging on morning. West Bengal BJP twitter handle has posted a video, alleging that TMC is behind this heinous crime.


The police tried to turn the angle by referring the political killing into suicide. But BJP’s leader Rahul Sinha has termed all this as baseless. “Even Police is with TMC. They won’t do anything. How does the Police know that it is suicide?” he said

This is the second shameful incident happening in West Bengal within a short span of time. Days before 18-year-old Trilochan Mahato, who belonged to the Dalit community, was killed by TMC goons in West Bengal’s Purulia just because he supported BJP. Mahto was hanged to a tree and on his T shirt, the goons had written “You deserve to die for doing politics and working for BJP at this young age”.

The BJP leaders has demanded the CBI enquiry for both the murders. West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh has warned that situation could be “dangerous” as several people were being killed to achieve the objective. “The manner in which the TMC is trying to make the state opposition-free by killing people is going to be dangerous. What kind of politics is this? What type of administration is this?, he said.

The TMC goons is doing all this as their chief Mamta Banerjee has vowed to make the region opposition free. BJP did exceedingly well in the region here winning all 9 gram panchayats and 2 zilla parishad seats in the block which is not being digested by the TMC so they are resorting to unfair means and murdering democracy in the state.

Where is Rahul Gandhi now? Now he is not doing any candle march. Where is Awars Wapsi Gang, Tukde Tukde gang, Justice for Asifa Gang? Don’t they have to seek justice for  Dulal  and Trilochan Mahato now?

Source : Republicworld


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