Again, the Twitter battle is won by BJP in Karnataka! Check how the BJP ripped apart Siddaramaiah govt for misleading the Kannadigas

Seems like Congress is now making up a habit of blaming the opposition with new tantrums each day. Congress now needs serious tuition classes of checking its own pockets first before it blames others for theft. But helplessly nothing can be changed, after all it’s the so-called great Congress party, drama is their hobby.

After Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government waived off farmers’ loans, the Congress Party said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stated that what was being announced was far too less for the farmers of the state.

Congress leader Randeep Surjewala told that such less amount will not free the farmers from their debt or provide them adequate relief.

“The total loan in UP is 92, 241 crore rupees out of which only 36,000 crore rupee is waived of that means even now 56,000 crore money is still to be waived off. So, our question to the UP government and Yogi ji is as to when will they waive off this amount,” he said. He further said the promise of waiving off farmers’ loans was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and now he is trying to get rid of it? Has Surjewala forgotten what his Congress party has done for the past 60 years? Or rather not done?

And yet 30,000 farmers in Maharashtra had to walk for a week to reach Mumbai and meet the CM asking for a Farm Loan waiver! Spineless BJP4Karnataka must ask PM Modi for a nationwide Farm Loan waiver. The UPA Govt did it in 2008. What’s stopping Modi?

“When the UPA government could waive off 72 thousand then why can’t the Modi government? When Modi Ji’s government could waive off 1 lakh 40 thousand crore business man’s loan then can’t they do for the farmers?” he asked.

This was the befitting reply that BJP had to give in response:

Yes, we were wrong in teaching accountacy. We realise it is beyond you and your boss’s comprehension levels! Talking about spine, UP & MH CM’s exhibited their spine by waiving farm loans without centre’s help. If you have one, why don’t follow suit & waive farm loans yourself?

The farmers of Uttar Pradesh expressed their happiness and gratitude to the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath-led government for waiving off their loans. “We are very happy with the decision taken by the Uttar Pradesh Government. The decision has been taken and we are very happy with this. The government has fulfilled the promise made by them,” said Shyamlal Tiwari, a farmer.

Another farmer added that this initiative would decrease the suicide cases being witnessed for quite a long time. “This is a major relief to the people who were carrying the burden of loans. The decision of the government is appreciable. People will be benefited by this,” said a farmer.

The Uttar Pradesh BJP Government waived off Rs. 30, 729 crore worth loan amount of the small and marginal farmers of the state. The decision will be benefitting 2 crores 15 lakh farmers of the state. Along with this, the government has also decided to forego Non-Performing Assets (NPA) worth Rs. 5,630 crore of eight lakh farmers.

Instead of waiving the loans, the legendary Sleeping beauty Sidda will fund the farmer’s outrage. UP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan govt waived loans on their own, without the help of centre.


Is the Congress Government in Karnataka under CM Siddaramaiah literally sleeping along with him? Concentrating on the needy and financially backward is much more important than dividing Hindus and religions into sectors. Can someone please tell the CM, there are many more important issues to work upon rather than breaking heads on how to divide religions.

When Maharashtra, Punjab & UP can waive off farmers’ loans, why is it not possible for Corrupt Congress govt in Karnataka? Siddu should stop lecturing & concentrate on farmers welfare