ChandniChowk To Rome…Kejriwal’s Real Intention Behind Rome Trip

Delhi CM Kejriwal has accepted the invitation from Missionaries of Charity to attend the Mother Teresa”™s sainthood ceremony on September 4th in Vatican City.

Earlier this March, Pope Francis had announced that Mother Teresa would be canonized as a saint on September 4th on the eve of her 19th death anniversary. His visit to Vatican just ahead of Goa elections have raised various speculations in the political filed. Many reports had revealed that Kejriwal has been receiving huge amount of funds from Ford and Rockfellar foundation which has close associations with Vatican.


There has also been many reports how Mother Teresa”™s main intention was not to serve people but aimed at large scale conversion. The “NewStatemen” in its report had clearly mentioned how Mother Teresa was just a messenger of the Vatican to spread Christianity. It also describes how the pathetic conditions of patients in her NGO.




Francois Gautier had also revealed many hidden truths behind Mother Teresa”™s Missionaries indulging in conversion.

Dr. Aroup Chatterjee who closely worked with Mother Teresa and in slums of Kolkata has pen down the horrendous  state of missionary in his writings “A Critic”™s Lonely Quest: Revealing the Whole Truth About Mother Teresa”



It seems very evident that secular parties go to any extent to appease vote banks. What is more dangerous is that the huge money which is donated by these missionaries are mainly helping build a environment for many Anti national activities, black money market and illegal supply of drugs and liquor to attract lower class.

Aishwarya S