Ahead of PM Modi’s rally in Mangalore, Sagarika Ghose with her husband Rajdeep Sardesai tries to create a rift between Hindus and Christians but gets slammed brutally!

Every time I see the tweets of Rajdeep and Sagarika, I get convinced that both of them have sold the sane profession of Journalism, both of them have defamed insulted abused Hindus and Hinduism to the core. Both of them as a Gandhi Parivar stooges have openly used journalism to benefit their masters.

And look whose went on a tour, its Sagarika Ghose reporting in Mangalore. The lady has landed in the Coastal Karnataka just 2 days before the arrival of Prime Minster Narendra Modi on the land. She is said to be reporting in the city and as usual doing her job of provoking Communal violence.

Each time I see the tweets of Sardesai Rajdeep and his wife Sagarika Ghose I wonder if they are in the journalism business or into hate-mongering against Hindus and India…. They are carrying out the ISI agenda to a T… Both frustrated, psychologically damaged goods..

This is how the Paid Media spreads hatred and polarises people. Sagarika Ghose posting a picture of 2008 (when BJP was not even in power) to influence voters in Mangalore.

Shocked to see you there covering the news. Whereas for all the Kashmir tears you weep, never have you visited destroyed Hindu temples over there. Must take a special kind of conscience to breed such communalism under the garb of press freedom!

Whatever happened in 2008 is an act of cowardice. Equally coward is the act of Sagarika to rekindle that act especially at this peak moment when Karnataka Election is at door step. What timing Sagarika? You deserve an applause for this one.

First of all find out who did it? A few years ago a Church property was vandalized and the blame was put on BJP. Then it was found out that the building opposite had CCTV. It showed the Church guys damaging their own property and they blamed BJP for it. You are a media person, find out facts first and then talk about it.

People in Mangalore have witnessed the incident with their own eyes. If it was not for RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal , like Kerala, Mangaloreans would have lost the coast from Kasargod to Bhatkal to Islamic radicals. People have witnessed a house being constructed on a National Highway and it was turned to a mosque overnight. This literally happens in this coast.

Rajdeep Sardesai, this exhibit from your better half using an incident that happened decade back to keep the communal pot boiling during Karnataka elections ….By resorting to such journalism, what moral right do U filthy couple have to talk about VHP guys??

So , this is a new type of news propagated by her? She has posted a picture of the empty Nehru Maidan at Mangalore which was getting ready for PM’s rally. It is her strategy that people should think about the empty maiden , if not gone through the whole.Save this photo, will be helpful for you to circulate fake news about attendence in PM Modi’s rally .Sagarika you must replace this by same overcrowding maiden, if you are a true journalist.

Please for the sake of your health leave that place before PM Modi comes as your eyes would not be able to see the ampunt of love PM Modi is going to get there.And mind you, its not the paid crowd which comes, like Congress does . Take interview of the crowd. See the enthusiasm of the crowd of the same area.

If you observe, the timing of the comment by this lady is actually mischievous. Without going into details as to who did it, why is she trying to comment in 2018 about something which had happened in 2008? Is it something to do with Karnataka elections? Whom you are trying to please lady? Of course the minorities. She is trying to provoke the minorities at the right time, as they are left with no other option to save Congress from losing badly.

What would you have done if all the free stuff you were getting is suddenly taken away? We actually had respect for Aaj tak and Today, as they are good channels. But by bringing Rajdeep Sardesai into the fold they have taken a serious dent into their reputation!



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