Ahmed Patel missing!!! Rahul Gandhi and Hardik Patel are fighting; Is Congress heading towards a pathetic defeat?

The Modi wave seems stronger than ever in the Gujarat state. Due to this, the Congress party has quit even become the war is yet to begin. Rahul Gandhi led Congress was planning that by mixing Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani and Alpesh Thakore in a mixer, they can win the Gujarat elections. But weeks before the election, the top Congress leaders have distanced themselves from participating in the election so that they won’t be a scapegoat after the defeat.

Fight between Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi’s right hand, Mr Ahmed Patel!!!

Entire nation knows that Ahmed Patel is the chief advisor of Sonia Gandhi since 2001. Even in the 2004 General Elections, strategies for Congress were framed by Ahmed Patel. But this Mr Patel has distanced himself from the election campaigning only because of Rahul Gandhi. Yes, everything is not fine between Ahmed Patel and Rahul Gandhi.

Ahmed Patel shares a very close relationship with the Gandhi dynasty. So when a person who has 4 decades of loyalty to the Congress party, suddenly moves away from the party at a crucial junction indicates that nothing is alright with the Congress party.

Why is Congress state head Bharat Singh Solanki not contesting in the elections?

“I have declared it earlier and I am declaring it today as well that I will not fight Gujarat assembly elections”, this was the statement made by Mr Solanki. Not just this, he had even walked out of the meeting that took place in Delhi last week. This gives rise to a question, whether Congress has accepted defeat even before the war begins.

A street fight between Hardik Patel gang and Congress party leaders!!!

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had tried to fool the Gujaratis that Patidars are with the Congress party and they want to defeat PM Modi. But yesterday night, there was a street fight between Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) and Congress party in Gujarat.

Due to dissatisfaction over ticket distribution, the fight broke out between the two groups which proved that Rahul Gandhi is unable to unite his party members with new factions with his leadership skills.

The Congress party released its first list of 77 candidates which had only three candidates from PAAS, and none from the NCP. Even the NCP has said that they will win more seats if they contest on their own.

Congress offices attacked!!!

Hardik Patel’s followers attacked Congress offices at Surat and Bhavnagar. Not only this, they even created ruckus outside the residence of the party’s state chief Bharatsinh Solanki. Even in Junagadh, Amerli and Morbi clashes and protests were reported.

“The Congress has given tickets to two of our members without taking us into confidence. Other Patel candidates that they have selected are bogus. We will hold a massive protests against Congress,” this is how PAAS convenor Alpesh Kathiria exposed Congress party.

Hansika Raj