Ahmed Patel scores a massive self goal! Praises the achievements of Modi government and puts Congress into embarrassment

In an attempt to defame Modi Government the Senior Congress Leader and Rajya Sabha Member Ahmed Patel recently has scored a massive goal. He tried to insult and raise questions on the Narendra Modi Government but in turn has insulted his own party and raised questions on them.

Ahmed Patel tweeted about the wholesale food prices with a graph showing the annual rise in wholesale food prices.

He tweeted “Alarming fall in wholesale food prices since 2014 underlines the existing agrarian distress.
Farmers are being made to bear the cost of low http://inflation.In 
last 4 years their prices barely increased by 3.6%”.

While he wanted to bring people attention towards the agrarian distress that have occurred after Modi Government came into power, but in actual while doing this he presented the data  that actually showed how wholesale food prices have fallen since 2014 and unknowingly he brought in front of people the work of Modi government that how under the regime of Modi Government wholesale Inflation which was more than 15% has come down now to  2%

BJP leader and Minister of State for civil aviation Jayant Sinha immediately thanked him to bring the light upon this that During UPA regime there was high flood inflation and that NDA Government has kept a tight check on food inflation and while doing this they have also ensured that there should be a rise in farmer income.

BJP leader tweeted Dear Ahmedbhai, thanks for accepting that there was high food inflation during UPA and that NDA Govt has kept food inflation on a tight leash. All this while ensuring rising farmer incomes”!

People took to Twitter and thanked the leader for his contribution in bringing the attention of the country towards this and also tried to explain him the concepts that unknowingly he has gone wrong with.

User explained that due to No Middlemen involvement under Modi regime farmers are now getting the price for their produce by selling it directly. Inflation is reduced and that’s a Good News, Isn’t It, and you and your party should accept it as facts may be are bitter but it is the truth that is to be accepted.

So what is the data actually indicating that while inflation kept under control and farmers are getting their price. It is actually indicating that cost of production has come down and input costs have been reduced.

It is hard to digest these true facts for Congress as this has strongly dealt with corruption occurring under the UPA regime and gave a new hope and the right amount of yield to farmers for their produce. Anyway, Congress digests it or not but it is good for the nation that the Work being done under Modi Regime is in front of them and that also presented by none other than one of the important Congress Leader.

Congress has always achieved such type of self-goals. They have always exposed their own faults themselves, needless to be presented by any other. Thanks to Congress for their contribution towards “Congress Mukt Bharat”.