Air pollution is increasing due to Modi!!! Controversial historian Ramachandra Guha makes a bizarre statement yet again

India was never a land of real life comedians but Congress should be really appreciated for its contribution in the field of comedians. You are wrong if you are thinking of Rahul Gandhi. I am talking of the historian Ramachandra Guha who has made a name for himself by projecting lies as truths in order to impress the Gandhi family.

“If our Prime Minister actually stayed in Delhi for any length of time then perhaps action to mitigate air pollution might be taken. The fact that the PM spends so little time in the capital is affecting not just the capital’s air quality, but governance in general”. This is how he tried to please his Gandhi dynasty.

After blaming on Deepawali for the air pollution, this (in)famous historian is trying to push a fictional story saying Prime Minister of India is the main reason for the air pollution in Delhi.

As usual, several logical Indians tried to make this man aware of the reality. Few asked him to credit the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for increasing the air pollution in Delhi. Whereas few others mocked at Mr Guha saying that, pseudo liberals are unable to bear the fact that Modi is working 24*7 for India’s development.

The below twitterati just nailed it with his tweet. He proved that Mr Guha wrote several history books using the bizarre logic used in his tweet.

Have a look at one more tweet of Ramachandra Guha!!!

In the above tweet, Guha says that PM Modi needs to be in office for better governance. Let me remind him that Mr Manmohan Singh of Congress was at office for 10 years and as a result he (Congress) executed scams after scams.

Why a case was filed against this blatant liar?

Soon after the death of the senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, Ramchandra Guha said
“It is very likely that her murderers came from the same Sangh Parivar from which the
murderers of Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi came”. He also said that “The ruling
dispensation in Delhi has created a climate of hate and intolerance”.

“Your deliberate, false and calculated statement against our client’s organisation has
caused great anguish in the minds thousands of its members and sympathisers”, this was mentioned in the notice served by BJP.

BJP had said that “If Ramachandra Guha does not apologise, our party will initiate a legal process and take this to the court”. As expected, Mr Guha didn’t apologise and hence a case was filed against him.

Hansika Raj