Aishwarya Rai slams and trolls NDTV when its journalist tried to mock demonetization move by PM Modi

Even by using microscope, we can hardly find anyone who watches NDTV- a news channel which is popular for twisting facts and figures in order to tarnish India’s image. It is also a known fact that it gets bashed by almost every sensible people for trying these absurd tactics.

Let me make an effort to remind you how NDTV fell in its own trap. This time the person who trolled NDTV was a former Miss World winner.

“Demonetisation..What’s your take on it? The 500, 1000 rupees as a home maker, as a mother” this was the question posed by the NDTV journalist who thinks that she is the smartest person in the world.”

How the former miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachchan royally trolled NDTV journalist?

“As a citizen, I say, congratulation Mr Prime Minister, because you have gone and done a very very strong move in your longer vision for wiping out corruption in our country and that is the larger overview that we as citizen need to patiently understand and recognise and change. It isn’t always comfortable but everyone will find their ways to embrace it if you are able to focus on the larger vision”.

This is how actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gave a tight slap to NDTV for its anti-demonetisation move a year ago. The anger of NDTV on demonetisation was expected before the owners of NDTV probably have lost crores of money due to the PM Modi’s surgical strike on black money.

The below twitterati read the mind of the NDTV journalist. The job of these mainstream media is to interview prominent personalities so that they would give out statements against India or PM Modi. This time, their move backfired as Mrs Bachchan proved that she is not just beautiful but also intelligent than NDTV.


Projecting India in a bad light has been the routine job of NDTV and this has been massively criticized also. But as the proverb says “old habits die hard”, NDTV has carried out its fake news business in full swing as usual.

Everyone knows why NDTV is against India’s Prime Minister Mr Modi. After assuming power, PM Modi started acting against the corrupt including the owner of NDTV, Prannoy Roy. Prior to Modi era, Mr Roy was receiving royal treatments from the Congress government but Modi started to choke him.

Even during the violence after the verdict on rapist Ram Rahim, NDTV had spread a fake news on PM Modi. It reported that the High Court slammed PM Modi saying ‘He is PM of India, not BJP’.

This fake news became so viral that later on the High Court issued a statement saying it never uttered a single word on PM Modi.

Earlier, NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar was caught making indecent remarks on PM Modi’s wife. But we never found any kind of apologies from him nor his news channel. Recently the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) had held the founder of NDTV Mr Prannoy
Roy who was responsible for laundering Rs 642 crores.

Hansika Raj