Ajit Doval Plays on the Front Foot; Suggests China a Way to End the Doklam Standoff

Ajit Doval is often regarded as a genius. The manner in which he handles national security matters with respect to both internal and external threats is nothing short of incredible. His handling of the Indo-China standoff is garnering him the same praise, and deservedly so.

Ajit Doval is in Beijing where he met his counterpart, State Councillor Yang Jiechi. The Doklam issue was the focus of their talks. As is trademark of Ajit Doval, he is the one who suggested a way out of the standoff to his Chinese counterpart, proving that India isn’t going to be dominated by the Chinese on this matter.

Apparently, Ajit Doval said that Indiais ready to withdraw its troops back to status quo if China agrees to move back the road which they were building by at least 250 meters. In response to this, State Councillor Yang Jiechi agreed to move back the road by approximately 100 meters. He said that for any further changes he’d have to take clearance from the Chinese government.

It is also being reported that before leaving for India, Ajit Doval will meet ChinesePresident Xi Jinping. This development highlights that the standoff is not a matter of concern only for India but also for the Chinese. Consider this in light of the recent statement by China where it categorically denied any bilateral talks with India until the issue is resolved. This isn’t a proper bilateral meet, but the significance is no less.

This standoff has soured ties between the two Asian giants. What has led to further vitiating of ties are the constant statements from China’s state media wherein it has threatened India with war.

This standoff began when China’s PLA attempted to build a road that would have encroached upon Bhutan’s sovereignty, but India intervened to protect Bhutan’s rights.

The Prime Minister and Home Minister have been apprised of the situation through four reports by Ajit Doval himself. They were aware of the movement of troops and thousands of tonnes of military supplies via road and rail.

It must be understood here that none of the two nations can afford war. Despite China being militarily superior, China may have even more to lose if it goes to war.

Already China has disputes with numerous nations. Add to this China’s desire to take USA’s spot in the world in terms of both economic and military power and supplement this position with projects such as the CPEC and OBOR, and it is understandable that China can’t afford to destroy the reputation of a peaceful power that it’s trying to build.

A peaceful solution is in the interest of both nations, and it’s good to see India taking steps in this direction without succumbing to China’s saber-rattling.

Source: http://www.republicworld.com/s/3723/nsa-ajit-doval-provides-way-to-settle-doklam-issue-sources

Vinayak Jain