What is Ajit Doval’s plan to handle the Kashmir unrest?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stand on the Kashmir issue has always been clear. Unlike previous governments, the Modi – led government has never maintained silence on the ‘sensitive’ issue. P.M Modi has spoken to J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti making it clear that anti – national forces will not be tolerated. A recent video of a stone peter being tied to an army jeep, is the right approach needed to tame these traitors. The Indian army has served for long in the valley and have unfortunately experienced the blend of religious fanaticism and political impotence.

The mob is incited by separatists.  NSA Ajit Doval firmly believes that there should be zero tolerance towards stone-pelting. Doval had earlier said that a ‘go soft’ approach would in no way change the stone pelters.  The nation needs a strategy which has been spoken about by Doval.  The NSA is of the viewpoint that appeasement politics is never going to help the valley.

Doval had conveyed his message to P.M Modi. Going soft on anti – nationals and all those who play havoc as per Pakistan’s instructions will not yield any result. The Army & Paramilitary forces will not be asked to bear with stone pelters, the BJP government has said. The central government has not discouraged the state government in holding talks with separatists.  But all attempts have been futile.  The separatists sing to the Pakistani tune. They incite locals while their children enjoy a better, secure system of education abroad.

Doval had said in 2010 that appeasement politics had been the recurring problem in the valley since 1947. This was the time when stone pelting looked beyond control. Doval had said that accepting Article 370 & going to the UN instead of throwing out Pakistani forces from the valley was a blunder for which we were paying even today. This also paved the way for separatism giving Pakistan an advantage when it came to deciding terms on war or peace.

Doval had made an important point in 2010 which was reiterated by him in 2016. He had said the protests and stone-pelting were orchestrated and manufactured by Pakistan to create a state of unrest in the valley. Doval had also spoken about mosques polluting the minds of youngsters asking them to throw stones at the army. Doval believes that such people should be strongly dealt with. However,  he made it clear that the powers should never be used against innocent civilians in the valley.

Doval is if the opinion that Pakistan must be shown the mirror. He believes that if they’re given a heavy blow, they will realise their perception about India is totally flawed.  Pakistan must realise that they do no have the might to take on India.

Alok Shetty


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