Were Akbar-Birbal Folk Tales Created to Hide the Unpleasant Truth about Mughal Emperors?

Several historians and novelists have pointed out how Indian history was turned secular to suit Congress party’s agenda. For more detailed explanation on ‘Secular Strategies’, you can read S. L. Bhyrappa’s article that explains how a special committee was formed for this purpose under Indira Gandhi’s rule during the 1970s.

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Secular party’s historians were of the opinion that certain facts about Muslim rulers were a hurdle in creating strong India. People would hate the peaceful community if they see the history about how Aurangzeb and Ghazni Mohammed looted and demolished temples to construct mosques.

Akbar-Birbal tales inspired from Tenali Rama?

Everyone enjoys reading Akbar-Birbal tales. People even love watching TV series based on the same. Zee TV aired it between 1993 and 1996. These days, its witty version- Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal-featuring Kiku Sharda, Vishal Kotiyan attracts a lot of audiences. Both shows are based on Akbar-Birbal folk tales. However, the painful reality is that there is no historical evidence to prove these folktales are based on reality.

Records do suggest that Birbal was considered one of the nine jewels owned by Mughal Emperor Akbar. Records also suggest that Birbal had adopted Din-i Ilahi religion. The Mughal Emperor had formed Din-i Ilahi, a religion that consisted of elements from Hinduism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, and Jainism. But, there is no evidence to show that he was a witty minister.

Some of these folk tales that emerged after Akbar’s rule to glorify him were based on “Tenali Rama” from Vijayanagar Empire era. Akbar-Birbal tales featured in certain textbooks are also allegedly based on stories about Maharaja Krishnadevaraya.

Experts believe that since the 1970s, these stories were probably popularized by the secular party as a part of their propaganda.

Libtards would probably laugh and ask why were tales from Vijayanagar Empire presented as those from Mughal Empire? The answer is very simple. If people read about Vijayanagar Empire, Tenali Rama; they would also show keen interest to learn about India’s rich past, and finally, about Islamic invasion.

At least some percentage of them would show interest in reading about how temples were demolished; Hindus were robbed, murdered, forcefully converted, and tales of other ruthless destruction done by Mughal Emperors.

Those who read about India’s past would find out how some people murdered Kafirs because of their so-called holy book and the religion of peace. They would perhaps realize that even the concept of secularism is not supported by the holy book.

Thus, in order to hide these unpleasant facts, some people prefer to present “secular history.” They present evil, murderer Aurangzeb as Sufi Saint and Maseeha of peace. Mughal Emperors are presented as secular kings who worked day and night for the development of the people in their kingdom. Believe it or not, some historians even glorify British Raj for bringing social, economic development in India and hide their evil side.

People who fall prey to this history grow up to become libtards. These individuals are those who refer to terrorists as misguided young men. They often term the reality as ‘communal.’ Love Jihad does not exist for them. Islamic State militants are a bunch of individuals who were deprived of love and social satisfaction in life.

There is no point in blaming libtards because they were brainwashed since childhood. No matter how many times you change the channel, they would only prefer to watch NDTV.

Secularization of history is done openly these days

Why should everyone blame historians and the main secular party alone? Perhaps, others like the NCP are also involved in the same. In 2013, their party’s Aurangabad (Maharashtra) unit had demonstrated against Yash Raj Films for naming Arjun Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor starrer as Aurangzeb. Sharad Pawar’s party members claimed that the evil ruler was Sufi Saint and YRF has insulted him.

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Almost same is the case with Tipu Sultan. People from the peaceful community made TV shows and glorified him even when there are records that show his evil side.

By: Nitten Gokhaley**