“Akbar”, “Haji Ali” and now BHIM Army’s Chandrashekhar; What’s the common “Jihadi” link?

Shocking revelations are being made about the controversial ‘Bhim Army’ every day. News channels first reported that Mayawati’s brother was in contact with Bhim Army’s Chandrashekhar. A few Hindi news channels also reported that the riots in Saharanpur were manufactured. All the Yogi Adityanath opposing parties have come together and are making every possible effort to malign the image of the UP CM.

Yogi Adityanath has himself accepted that the opposition parties & paid media are trying to instigate riots in Uttar Pradesh. The BHIM Army is making the news (for all the wrong reasons). They have even threatened to convert to Islam, time and again. Until April 2017, no one knew what the BHIM army was. But now they are on every news channel, trying to create a ‘prime-time’ impact.

Until April 2017 no one was aware of the BHIM army. While most Dalits have chosen the path of Buddhism, these people have constantly threatened to follow Islam. These statements certainly lead to suspicion. Sudarshan News, a Hindi news channel has made a shocking revelation.

The Channel claims that the BHIM Army is being funded by local Land Mafia and BSP leader Haji Iqbal. The Yogi Adityanath government has stopped several of Iqbal’s illegal businesses. Sudarshan News made another shocking revelation. They claimed that one of the individuals who was injured in the riots, was taken to the hospital by the police. The Police found out in the hospital that the Dalit’s real name was Iqbal.

The paid media had claimed that the Saharanpur clashes were between Rajputs & Dalits. Then what was a Muslim doing there? The things are clear. Bhim Army is actually “Jihadi Army.” Some people on their social media handles have claimed that powerful & inflential people are believed to be involved in instigating the riots. When there is an expose, all the political bigwigs might end up in jail, the channel reported.

After “Akbar” and “Haji Iqbal” one more expose has been made in this regard. Bhim Army’s controversial leader Chandrashekhar who calls himself “Chandrashekhar Azad” may not be Chandrashekhar in reality. He has also been hailed as “raavan” by many of his accomplices, but the fact is something else.

His real name is Naseemuddin. The speculation started on social media and if the Yogi Adityanath Government decides to probe the issue, they may be able to get to the truth. Raavan has been used by Muslim Youths in the past to mislead the people. In 2014-15 a Muslim Youth had been arrested by the police in a love-jihad case. The Muslim youth had introduced himself as Raavan to the girl. No sane Hindu or Buddhist would like to be called ‘Raavan’. It’s a very popular Jihadi name, with an unpopular deceptive technique being employed.

Source: dainikbharat.org

Tony Joseph