Akhilesh gave ticket to this man for UP elections, read what he has done to his wife!

Amanmani Tripathi, an independent candidate contesting for UP elections, has been booked by CBI for allegedly killing his wife. Interestingly, Amanmani is the son of Amarmani Tripathi, who is a convicted murderer, and at present in jail.

Amarmani Tripathi  (father of Amanmani) is serving a life sentence in jail along with his wife, for plotting a murder. He was MLA four times in Eastern UP, and represented Congress, Samajwadi Party ( and SP-BJP association at one time) in the state.

Like parents is the son! UP politician Aman Mani Tripathi had allegedly killed his wife Sara Singh by strangulating her, CBI has claimed in its charge sheet filed recently.

The CBI has alleged Aman Mani staged a road accident of his car Hyundai i10 at Firozabad to claim that Sara had died of fatal injuries but she was strangulated in a nearby field and her body was placed in the car.

“During investigation, it was found that after her marriage with the accused, Sara was allegedly being subjected to physical torture and cruelty by the accused,” CBI spokesperson R K Gaur said.

Amanmani Tripathu and his dramatic politics continue

Amanmani, like his father, was to contest elections from UP as a SP representative. Aman was recently given a ticket by SP, but after Sara’s mother asked Akhilesh Yadav to intervene in the matter, he quickly backtracked on his decision. Akhilesh calculated his risk and good fortunes, to associate with a criminal family, and took decision to cancel his nomination. Amanmani was then replaced by Munna Singh to contest from the constituency.

Yet, it is not enough to prove Akhilesh Yadav as not-guilty of contesting a criminal for state elections. Amanmani, past records show his criminal involvement in kidnapping, and extortion. He was declared as an absconder, after an FIR was lodged against him in Lucknow. Akhilesh, it seems, took a decision to withdraw his candidature, as media pressure was expected to mount on him. As it is, the present UP government is seriously accused of Goondagardi, and criminal attachment would not have done any favors to receding fortunes of SP.

Meantime, Amanmani and his family remain unfazed.

Everyone in Nautanwa knows Amanmani has been framed. Log jante hain ki agar vikaas chahiye, sirf Tripathis hi kar sakte hain (People know that only the Tripathis can do development here). He has sympathy here. My father Amarmani Tripathi as 4-time MLA here till 2012 did maximum work here,” Amanmani’s sister Tanushri told ET. The 33-year-old post graduate from University of London has taken reigns of her brother’s campaign in Nautanwa as Amanmani has been denied bail.

Pooja Bhatia