Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) do not have space for SC/ST in their institute, but have place in their hearts for terrorist Mannan Wani!

Few months back, a huge controversy erupted after Aligarh Muslim University refused to give reservation to SC/ST communities in their institution. According to the Indian constitution, every government schools and colleges will have to provide reservation benefits to SC/ST community. However this rule is not being followed by many of the minority institution which mostly believe that rules in the Indian constitution doesn’t apply to them.

These people who did not want to provide reservation to our people have time and space in their heart to pray for terrorists and anti nationals who want to destroy India. Just couple days after the Indian Army killed the most wanted terrorist Mannan Wani and his associate in an encounter in the Handwara sector of Jammu and Kashmir, the secular brigade has gone into a state of mourning for this terrorist.

After the news of his death spread, the Aligarh Muslim University decided to hold a prayer meet for the terrorist. Mannan Wani who was once a PhD scholar in the AMU went missing few months back. It was well known that this man Mannan Wani had joined some terrorist organisation and it was confirmed after he started writing articles defending his decision to join terror organisation.

Now, his colleagues in AMU had gathered to hold a prayer meet for him which had triggered huge criticism against AMU and their students. Two students Wasim Ayub Malik and Abdul Mir hail from Jammu and Kashmir organized prayer meet and started azadi and anti India slogans.

Following this, the police slapped charges under IPC Section 124A (Sedition) and other relevant provisions of the law against these two named and other unnamed accused. The case was registered after a video surfaced showing the accused raising Azadi slogans. Earlier, three Kashmiri students of the AMU were suspended after they allegedly tried to hold a prayer meeting for Hizbul Mujahideen militant Manan Bashir Wani. AMU spokesperson and Professor Shafey Kidwai said that some Kashmiri students on Thursday had gathered near Kennedy Hall in the campus to hold funeral prayers for Wani. The three students were also suspended for inciting hatred against the country and anti India slogans.

It is now become very clear that the AMU houses such students who are ready to go against India for a terrorist and their religion. The sad part is, the Indians are paying their taxes to fund these criminals who take all benefits from country and work for anti India forces.

It is a shame that we have to tolerate these people just because they wear the tag of minority!

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