All Is Not Well in Congress! Madhya Pradesh Congress Working President says “Dump the party, you just take care of my reputation” to the voters

Congress party is going through rough patch these days. Not only the party has been dumped by the people of the nation but even the MLAs/ leaders of the party are miffed with the leadership and policies of the party
While on one side some of the MLAs are resigning from the party on the other side some MLAs are sidelining them from the party caring about their own needs

In a big embarrassment to the Congress party the Madhya Pradesh Congress Working President and close aide of party president Rahul Gandhi Jitu Patwari has issued shocking remarks against the party

In a video getting viral over the internet, the Congress leader is heard saying to people “ Party Gyi Tel Lene, Aap mera Khyal rkho, meri izzat ka khyal rkho” which implies that “You dump the party but take care of my reputation and status” while meeting the people of his constituency ahead of elections.

The saying of the Congress leader clearly indicates that people of the region are not happy with the Congress party and doesn’t want to vote for the party so Congress President’s close aide was insisting them to think about him, leave apart the party

This came as a biggest setback to Congress President when elections are just a step away in the state.
In Madhya Pradesh, the leaders are not happy with the Congress party. Few days back senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister of MP, Digvijay Singh had said “Jisko ticket mile, chahe dushman ko mile, jitao. Aur mera kaam kewal ek, koi prachar nahi, koi bhashan nahi. Mere bhashan dene se toh Congress ke vote kat te hain, isliye main jata nahi which implies whoever gets the ticket, even if it’s an enemy, we should make him win. I only have one work; no publicity, no speeches. Congress loses votes with my speeches, which is why I don’t attend rallies”

Not only the leaders in Madhya Pradesh even the other senior most party leaders are not favoring Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Recently, top Congress leader Salman Khurshid claimed that Congress can’t win 2019 polls on its own; He further said that any grand alliance must not be aimed at “containing Congress” and that all its constituents must make sacrifices and adjustments with the sole objective of defeating the BJP-led NDA.

After which former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, too made a shocking statement saying that Congress never insisted on Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Ministerial candidate.”The Congress party never said officially that Rahul Gandhi should be installed as Prime Minister. When one or two persons spoke about it, the AICC leadership asked them not to discuss the issue. We don’t have an issue over Prime Ministership,” said P Chidambaram.

These all comments by senior leaders came in front because of regional parties sidelining Congress for an alliance. Few days back, Mayawati led BSP and Akhilesh Yadav led SP has dumped Congress by gettong into an alliance with other regional parties.Time is not good for party and it is going to cost the party huge in upcoming state as well as LokSabha elections 2019.

Credits & Source : Republic World