All of a sudden, how come Hindus became so powerful that they even asked a Muslim nation to build a temple?

Earlier they used to celebrate the lavish Iftar parties; they wore the Taqiyah caps, worshipped the Quran and pretended to offer namaaz in spite the fact that, they were not even Muslims. The only reason behind doing all this was to collect bulk vote of Muslims. Now you can guess who were they? In order to give a few concessions to the minority, to create hatred towards the Hindus in the hearts of the Muslims and to lick more sweets of the Muslims, they were present among the Hindus and started spreading hatred towards the Hindus.

Congress, Leftists, Samajwadi Party, Lalu, Mulayam, Mamta Banerjee, Kejriwal were the ones who stood the ultimate responsible for Hindus suffering in India. These leaders did not hesitate to abuse the Hindus as well as to insult them. Whenever there occurred a terrorist attack, they used to say that there was no religion of terror but they were found to be the religion of terror by trapping the Hindus in a false case.

Remember, Chidambaram used the term “saffron terrorism” in the country’s parliament, arresting innocent Hindus without any evidence, endless tortures by arresting Colonel Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya, Asimanand, without any evidence. All these people have been released from these tortures after Modi government took to charge. If the Congress party ruled the government even today, probably the bodies of these people could not have been found.

Remember Digvijay Singh’s release of the book condemning the Hindu Sangh in Mumbai’s 26/11 attacks, while the whole world was the witness that all the terrorist’s sources came from Pakistan. We need to thank the good fortunes of our country that “Ajmal Kasab” was caught alive or else the Congress would ruin countless lives by trapping many innocent Hindus into this attack claiming them to be responsible for it.

The enemies of the country and enemies of Hindutva are now been forced to ring bells of temples, forced to worship and bow down to the footsteps of temples. Rahul Gandhi, who once said that people going to the temple are molesters, that man is claiming to be a born Hindu and visiting every temple now.

While today it is also reported that Rahul Gandhi has two passports, on one of which his name is, Raúl Vínsi. Sonia, who is crying at the Batla House encounter, why is she sitting behind the scenes today? Madam Sonia who fell ill after the visit to Baba Vishwanath Mandir, has not been sighted anywhere since then.

From where did Hindus gain this power today? Who has awakened the Hindus and alerted them of danger? He is the same 67 years old energetic, nationalist, Karamveer who never insulted another religion, but follows his religion with total faith and honor, who promotes his faith on Lord Shriram to the whole world, who does Ganga Aarti with the Prime Minister of Japan, who insists and brings the land from the royal family of Dubai to construct temple. Today our friends in foreign countries claim that, the world looks at India and Indians with immense respect.

He has contributed a lot to us and still continues to do it. He does not talk in favour to any particular religion. Previously he used to talk about 6 crore Gujarati’s and now he talks in favour to 130 million Indians. The initial troubles of GST faced, the temporary recession, is all history now. His every decision has flourished an earthquake suffered state- Gujarat! His administration has turned Gujarat into the most advanced state of the country, even then, when he did not have any administrative experience.

Today he has turned into a precious uncut diamond whose value is infinite. His honesty, strength, hard work shuts every mouth which talks ill about him. Every Indian now believes that he will take India and Hindutva to such a height which no Indian has ever thought of.

Have faith, be patient and he will not disappoint us…




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